U.S. Nationals 2015


July 3-5, Indianapolis.

Collective sigh of relief from Midwest players.

Would say rooms will fill fast. Convention of “The Honorable and Benevolent Elks” starts Saturday the 4th.

I thought you were joking, but… nope. It’s a thing. Estimated attendance: 10,000.

I was really hoping for a new location this year. I skipped Nats last year because I was bored of Indy as a destination and am not sure I’ll be going this year either. I’m sure I’m in a minority though; most people seem to like the location!

really hope to go this year

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I was talking about this with with friends at Nats this year. I was very much convinced we either would change location or date.

Well, Nationals was held in Columbus for 5 years, St. Louis 1 year, and now we’re going on 6 years at Indy.

From what I’ve heard, St. Louis was an awful location. I enjoyed Columbus though the event was held under the umbrella of the Origins gaming convention and TPCi wanted Nationals to be its own thing, which is understandable. I haven’t heard many complaints about Indianapolis aside from the somewhat dangerous streets the night of July 4th.

why cant it be in columbus i would have loved to go there instead of trying to go to indy
( the drive time from pittsburgh would change a good bit)

Woah, they announced that fast…

The best part about Indy is how everything is set up. As a city it’s so easy to navigate even for people new to it, and for those who attend Nat’s annually, it’s simple to figure out where to go. I feel that it should definitely stay the Nat’s location for that reason.

Yeah I mean I guess there is a reason Gen Con has been held there since 2003 and is booked until 2020. To me, part of fun of playing Pokemon is getting to travel to places you’ve never been before, and most players have now been to Indy multiple times.

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Will never understand the ‘I hope Worlds is in my back garden’ mentality for this reason.

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Worlds should be in different areas, but not Nationals. I feel it’d be best for Pokemon to keep Nat’s in one spot especially due to the fact they had trouble booking a 2015 Worlds. (Although there are rumors that Worlds 2015 was supposed to be DC, and '14 was supposed to be Mexico.)

There are always rumours. They are always BS.

Especially that one about Mexico.

US Nats being in the Mid West is most likely the best solution. I expect it will stay in Indianapolis as long as availability and budget allow.