"Turn the Page" – A Quick Guide to the 2014-2015 Season Rotation

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Overall a good read. You found reprints for some cards I didn’t realize weren’t rotating out, like Ninetales. Still, a few concerns worth mentioning:

  • Rotation is when the game gets a much needed cleansing of older cards. The track record of the-powers-that-be releasing well balanced cards is spotty at best, and even well balanced cards are easily broken as the card pool gets larger and it is harder to remember that Card A + Card B = Broken. Getting rid of the cards no one really plays is nice as well; some of us just find that distracting and/or depressing. Lastly, a lot of people find it boring if [Insert Deck] has been around and heavily played for more than two years. If you weren’t trying to be negative about it… okay, sorry I read more into what you said than you meant. ^^’
  • Eviolite isn’t properly replaced by Hard Charm because it doesn’t work against self-damage. Most probably won’t care (or want to be able to protect their Evolutions as well), but it might matter in a few decks. The main thing is… it was reprinted in BW: Plasma Storm and thus is still legal. ^^’
  • I had some issues in the PTCGO when I lacked Super Rod but had Sacred Ash and wanted to run something like Exeggcute. Even in general, I found myself shuffling in a lot of stuff I didn’t want to because I had to if I wanted to get any back at all.
  • Losing every other multi-Type Energy but Rainbow Energy is a big blow to most Plasma decks, but we do have the Item resources that running a variety of basic Energy might not be completely out of the question. If you tested this into the ground and I am wrong… please mention that next time. :slight_smile:
  • At least some of us are worried losing Enhanced Hammer is bad because of Strong Energy. Removing it on a flip just isn’t the same, though I’d be happy to have had every Special Energy rotate but then lose both Hammers. That’s me though. :wink:

Again, the bulk of the article was good… it was just these areas where I felt the need to present differing opinions (well, make a correction in the case of something like Eviolite).


Enhanced Hammer got reprinted as an XY promo in Japan (probably for the good reason you suggested), so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get it back.

How about the-powers-that-be stop printing (and even reprinting) Special Energy cards we know upset the balance of the game instead? :wink:

That isn’t going to happen, is it? Oh well, then I guess if they insist on including Superman, everyone’s got to have some Kryptonite to create a fragile balance.

So are you saying that N is still good for next rotation? When did it get reprinted?

It’s BWP 100. League Promo.

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N will still be an automatic 4-of in pretty much every deck. And yeah, it was a League Promo (As KPiplup said, number 100)

It’s annoying that Enhanced Hammer went away, it would have been awesome with Drifblim! As it is, maybe Crushing Hammer, Cobalion, Drifblim etc. could combine into a fun little deck…

I agree with everything you said :slight_smile: This article was only ever intended to be a quick guide, which is why this stuff wasn’t in it. If you listen (/watch) the podcast i popped into the article you’ll see i bring this kind of stuff up when i have more time :slight_smile: