Tsareena... Tsareena... Tsareena... // PRC-on


Have not finished; Editing list in op,
It takes a lot of practice to get ordering of card usage 100% correct aswell prize based improv.
e.g. when looking for 1 card, with unown, tmail and puzzle in hand, play tmail -> puzzle -> unown as opposed to the normally correct order of unown -> tmail.


You play Devolution Spray to counter Glaceon? That doesn’t seem very effective. Can’t Glaceon knock out the basic since it has such little HP?


I’m confused, A) why is glaceon a problem B) how does devo spray trump glaceon?!?


glaceon prevents evolved pokemon from hitting it so if you are using megas devolve and take the knockout then evolve again.next turn just be careful you cant get knocked out. Pokemon ranger works as well


I am literally getting a headache trying to figure out your point


please be more specific with your random abuse good sir.
e.g. Is this a response to me, the bunny, or some question about the significance of life in the known universe? Either way, we “literally” don’t need another episode of the kardashians.

I’m wondering if you could give me an example of when this would be better than just noticing your opponent plays glaceon and not mega evolving all of your pokemon?


Can someone please explain to me why we are talking about mega evolutions?


I have no idea, can we stop and leave it at that?


sure we could do that


Not really contributing to the topic in any way.
For those who need an example of what contributing means:
Stating an opinion or (more preferably) any type of result from trying to incorporate Tsareena into a deck.
For further meaning of the word “contributing”, please find the nearest available oxford dictionary.

In the spirit of making a contribution (mainly to avoid being called a hypocrite), I believe nest ball to be neccessary for reaching attackers and it searches the same stuff as level ball with the exception of steenee; from testing.


I mean, getting Tsareena out should be your first priority, meaning that getting Steenee would be much more important than getting something like an Yveltal EX. The only things in the deck that Nest Ball can get that Level Ball can’t is Shaymin (which isn’t something you want to get from Nest Ball) and Yveltal EX, which should probably be one of the later things you get, when your deck has been thinned out from digging out all of your Tsareena stuff. I would think that Level Ball would just be a straight-up better version of Nest Ball in pretty much every situation, so I wouldn’t advise playing it if you aren’t already playing 4 Level Ball.


current ratio is 3 lv : 2 nest. The reason why nest is important is because it prevents the biggest problem I’ve had, which is getting attacker(s) early. This matters as often t1 I’d end up placing energy for turn on unown or something because I need draws badly. Putting extra attackers in the deck isn’t the answer, as you can end up with dead unown in hand feeling pretty stupid; more importantly nest ball can give draws. 4 ultra 3 level and 2 steenee, I really don’t have any trouble finding the pieces for the combination; the follow up game is what needs improvement.
Potentially using “tech” attackers, e.g. absol (ik not released, I’m sry), its a lot easier to find the one you want, and generally 4 trainers’ mail gives a lot more choice.
The deck keeps steenee in hand once you draw it; Only discard outlet is ultra ball.


So what’s your game plan when you don’t have enough Tsareenas to pop every good card in your opponent’s hand, and they just set up a board that’ll beat you in a few turns?


This isn’t the issue. You can just pop a few crucial cards to make their hand dead, but when they draw out of it (and they will) you will lose


Um, A) absol, B) lugia/yveltal/tauros/(lele, not yet tho).
@Joebear the point is to use devo spray so only 1 tsareena needs building; it makes the deck more streamlined and very consistent.


First of all, I misread @joebear’s post so my bad but he’s right.

A) absol cant control the entire game because eventually you will be forced to stack five good cards on their deck at which point you lose B) those backup attackers will take a few prizes, and then you will lose because all your disruption was at the begining of the game and you can’t hurt the opponent any more


A) absol generally only hits once, ofc if only 1 of the top cards was anti-brick, then sure I’ll go for it again just before they draw it. The point of absol isn’t to cause an endless lock on your opponent’s deck; that’s just not realistic. The point of absol is to get that sneaky garentee or an exact number of turns that you have before your opponent breaks out. On occassion I can even red card into 3-4 tsareena just when my opponent is about to draw out.
b) Those backup attackers will take a few prizes, then I use them to trade and hence, unsuprisingly, I run out of prizes first o.0
c) Get past phase 1 (denial) and move on to bargaining or something…