Tsareena... Tsareena... Tsareena... // PRC-on


While looking around, clearly interested in trolling my opponents, I discovered that Tsareena has 0 search results on 6 prizes forums. So I thought I’d
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt49XIafbeo for those who cannot find Yellow Swellow’s poorly named video.
I have also been told of an Omnipoke video involving A.raticate but cannot find it.
My current list:
2-2-3 Tsareena line . . . level ball so minimum copies of bounsweet and steenee.
3 shaymin-EX . . . Playing 2 risks prizing 1 20% of the time and I really don’t like the idea of that here.
4 unown . . . level ball needn’t be dead once a steenee is in play
1 absol . . . future sight is really neat, its unfortunate that doom news has a return to hand cost.
2 yveltal-EX . . .a good cleanup attacker. Could run rainbow energy and a diff mon here, however I like him.
4 dark . . . maybe the ratio should be 5-2?
2 DCE. . .
4 Lillie. . . and they said every competitive deck needed to run 3-4 sycamore (I believe that was me actually)
4 puzzle of time. . . a.k.a vs seeker
4 trainers’ mail. . .
4 level ball. . . search bounsweet/steenee/draw a card. The diversity gives consistency.
4 ultra ball. . . dump what you don’t need, search what you do.
4 Devolution spray. . . this is just abuse.
2 acro bike. . . filler :wink:
2 float stone . . .
3 Red card. . . makes things a lot easier. 3 copies as its needed sooner rather than later.
1 exp. share. . . less cloggy than 1 dark while doing the same job. Also, this deck needs 2 attachments to attack.
1 super rod . . . neccessary
4 Forest of giant plants . . . who’s suprised???

In short, this deck promises to be as scary as vespiquen/vileplume was. I have been testing this variant using absol, which we haven’t got yet :frowning: , and have found that going first can have monstrous implications: whereby topdecking may save a player by drawing 1 of 10-15 typical outs within a 49 card deck (but for probability related purposes its 55 cards). That’s 18-27% chance of us not winning. (play absol next turn)
Going second, the lock is devasting with Absol’s first attack (rearranges the top 4 cards of the deck). Certain countermeasures can be put into place to prevent the lock however:

  • Wobbufet can hopefully be pressured out of the active with absol’s second attack or yveltal stacking on the bench
  • Once Oranguru hits the bench there is little that can be done.
  • Opponent throws down float stones/uses free retreat pokemon, I play Yveltal-EX for dealing with this.
    Thoughts, ideas, rants at pokemon for reprinting shiftry: Discuss


Yes the deck certainly seems powerful. Nice to see someone running lillie as well as devolution spray. I use mine to counter for glaceon ex when in that matchup.


Try adding a shiinotic to easily search all your grass types


I like Tsareena, but the problem is it loses to stuff like Sycamore topdecks.


Hi smashandslash: please take a moment to read absol


You only want to build 1 tsareena, so shiinotic isn’t a good idea at the end of the day. Shiinotic up for disputed however, in other decks like lurantis/plume.


Absol isn’t likely to be released in the US until SM2 comes out, so I’d say it isn’t really relevant at this point. Even so, you’d have to go second to guarantee that your opponent doesn’t draw anything, and if you go second, your opponent can play Hex Maniac or just set up to the point where they can outlast you


absol is neat however, in that, if your opponent doesn’t draw out with their 1st draw, which has been cited elsewhere (pokebeach I think) as 75% of the time (assuming 4 syca 4 N 2 shaymin and 4 vs), then you play down absol and win. When going second, countermeasures can be put into place against Tsareena, however, at any rate its still an yveltal-ex deck and doesn’t have to attempt the lock t1, we can just play it out and then wreck havoc on critical cards with our 4-7 uses of Tsareena.
Also, the biggest problem, (oranguru), is about as relevant as delinquent. i.e. a lot of people don’t, but a few do.


I’ve read Absol already. And am not amused.


Ah, smashandslash, ever the sceptic, this is in no way shape or form comparable to glameow/luvdisc. Absol’s job is to reset the deck, and buy you 2-3 turns advantage, it isn’t supposed to cycle between its attacks forever (that isn’t the concept), although doom news can be helpful at clearing tauros-GX.


Buying yourself 2-3 turns of advantage just isn’t good enough. Doom News is a fine attack, but it gets countered too easily by other stuff. Your opponent not gaving 10 supporters or outs to draw as their top card may be plausible, but if you also have to deny your opponent energy so they can’t retreat out of Doom News or KO Absol, and other switching cards or counters to Doom News, the likelihood of keeping your opponent locked for any reasonable amount of time seems low. Even if the deck goes off and your opponent is slowed down for 3-4 turns, that sometimes isn’t enough, since you can’t use Doom News every turn, and your opponent will probably draw into enough stuff to beat you.


Sure it is: theyre both gimmicks unlikely to do well at tournaments


Yeah, 2-3 turns is enough e.g. yveltal matchup, where you have a distinct 2 prize (or more) advantage before they can start the game. Then trade for game. Against evolution decks, which should start seeing more play, you can often bench your opponent quickly by making them draw into evolutions they don’t want rather than energy. When going 1st, my opponent generally starts the game with 0-1 cards in hand (of my choice), cutting off energies is part of the lock. Note, don’t stop at 2 cards at it makes ultra ball an out. I also want to outline that doom news isn’t the attack I want to use to clear my opponents’ board; however I’ll just state again that it helps against things like tauros-GX.

@jirachi123, please test before you think its inconsistent and gimmicky. Yes glameow/luvdisc is an actual joke, however tsareena is much different in that it doesn’t require a delinquent… which makes it much more consistent with access to lillie t1.


With Devoloution Spray and Forest of Giant Plants are you able to re-evolve a pokemon you just devolved? I read that the text in parenthesis that you can’t evolve this pokemon this turn is just a reminder that you can’t evolve a pokemon multiple times in a turn. Is this correct?


Discussion of unreleased cards isn’t allowed. Absol is unreleased. I’ll let you figure out what that means.


mb, pls view the absol as a 3rd yveltal-EX, and consider tsareena turbo engine as a substitute engine to garbodor.


all evolution blocks are removed by FOGP, hence you can de-evolve and then evolve as often as you can play devolution spray.

Been doing some consistency playtesting and the chance of first turn lock is 68-70%. (note I have updated my list a little but don’t see a reason to update the original post). multiply this by the chance of my opponent escaping the lock: 20-25% (depending on their decklist and what I removed from hand e.g. vs seeker could be a dead draw for them).
(1 - 0.25) x 0.68 x 100%= 51%
(1-0.2) x 0.70 x 100% = 56%
So first turn win ratio is between 52 and 55%. This assumes that the opponent wins if they escape the lock and that I can’t perform another lock the next turn. This also doesn’t include occassions where I miss the lock but hit a red card and my opponent bricks. Edit: the opponent can also naturally fail their setup.
Going second, opponents will generally look for countermeasures. However, clearing some misconceptions:

  1. The lock isn’t the only way to win the game. This isn’t a one-trick-pony, it’s a two-trick-pony: the lock is just neat in that it straight up wins about half our games for us.
  2. Having oranguru in one’s deck does not give them an auto-win when going first against tsareena: It can be prized, or whiffed. (4 ultra ball + 1 oranguru are only 5 cards so it is plausible).
  3. The opponent throwing out a darkrai-EX with 2 darks attached and another in play (e.g. getting a decent setup) is not a loss and does not prevent a lock.
    4.The lock does lock energy.


A)How are you attacking?
B)What do you do if you go 2nd
This is probably around 22 cards, so if you are going to build this, it needs to be independent of most other archetypes.


A) Currently using a dark engine, yveltal-EX has always done good damage without needing a lot of cards and trades well, also absol has same energy typing (although apparently I’m not aloud to talk about him).
B) option a: if opponent had a simple turn e.g. play down a load of cosmogs. Perform the lock/take out anything that gives the opponent play, load up yveltal-EX. (absol omitted)
option b: opponent made counterplay: e.g. oranguru/wobbufet. Play yveltal-EX without the nicities of lysandre (or garb I guess), but with:

  • red card substituting N
  • Against oranguru, taking out resources e.g. vs seeker, energy, etc. Taking out ultra ball and supporter to leave opponent with 4-5 card hand that can’t be played down fast (e.g. 3 energy) no discard options, making oranguru unable to use its ability, is an interesting option. Note red carding and taking out sycamores still leaves players in awkward positions even if they have access to oranguru.
  • Against wobbufet, just play safe until you can remove wobb from the active, then go ham as soon as your opponent attempts to deal damage back.
  • Pretty sure hex isn’t really a thing atm, however note that the lock doesn’t have to be performed t1 as the point is to buy 2-3 turns and from there out-trade the opponent. Lillie is just a lot lot lot better than sycamore on t1 in this deck and not so good on t2, which is the reason I prefer to go “ham” t1. Aswell as the fact that going first there’s no counterplay, like oranguru.


I’m going to be skeptical to see if this works…