Tryhard Lunala Toolbox

I have been trying to build a deck that uses Lunala and that won’t just be super clunky.This is what I got.

Lunala Toolbox:
2 Cosmo SM
1 Cosmeon SM
2 Lunala-GX SM
2 Mew FCO
2 Zygarde FCO 52
2 Regice AOR
2 Charizard-EX EVO
1 Jolteon EX GEN
3 Shaymin-EX ROS
4 Professor Sycamore
2 N
2 Lysandre
3 Sky Field
4 Max Elixir
4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
4 Trainer’s Mail
2 Acro Bike
2 Max Potion
2 Rare Candy
2 Revive
4 Rainbow Energy
5 Psychic Energy

I know, my testing proved it to be decently bad.But it works against the meta decks. So yeah.Really hard to come up with good decks every day.

The comment curse is on!

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It looks really klunky.[quote=“OrangeMango, post:1, topic:10520”]
2 Cosmo SM1 Cosmeon SM 2 Lunala-GX SM2 Mew FCO2 Zygarde FCO 522 Regice AOR2 Charizard-EX EVO1 Jolteon EX GEN3 Shaymin-EX ROS

That is a lot of variation it definetely looks interesting though. I once tried a lunala m mewtwo it was clunky. Running out of energy looks like it would be bad for you

No tool box deck exists without max potion!!!

Also, why run max elixir with only five cards you could get?

Lapras toolbo variants but ya if you are going to be able to move energies you need max potion. [quote=“2CardCollectorQ, post:4, topic:10520”]
Also, why run max elixir with only five cards you could get?

very valid point but are probably there to get those 5 into play quicker

60 (deck) -6 (prizes) - 8 (hand + draw) - 4 (max elixirs) = 42 cards. With only five energies BEFORE the subtraction, most likely one will be in your hand or prizes. That would mean about 38 cards in your deck are meaningless for max elixir. I know you could thin your deck in ways, but most likely only one would work in a game. I think you either need to run more basic energy or just get rid of the max elixirs.

Max Elixirs are there because I can easily use them before I use Shaymin-EX, so they let me go through my deck faster. Even if they don’t hit, they help shrink my hand. If they do hit, even better.

there is also the chance of the max elixr hitting where you reap rewards.

If there just there to barely hit energy and just shrink your hand, just play something else like t mails.

My own take on this idea :sunny:
3 cosmo
1 cosmeom
2 Lunala-GX
1 lunala
1 jolteon-EX
1 Zygarde
1 charizard-EX
1 mew
1 wobb
2 shaymin-EX
4 Rainbow
5 [P]
4 sycamore
2 N
1 Teammates
2 lysandre
4 vs seeker
4 ultra ball
2 nest ball
3 max potion
1 exp. share
3 rare candy
3 trainers’ mail
2 fighting fury belt
1 super rod
2 float stone
1 switch
2 parallel city

I do play t mails, look at the list.

K, but maybe play something else that has more of a use or play more energies.

Which Zygarde and Charizard EX?

I put the set abbreviations

I like the idea of a Lunala Toolbox deck, but I don’t like the Max Elixir / Energy ratio you have going on. I’d seriously consider cutting them to run more setup consistency.

Mew FCO is no good because of its low HP - you want to tank and keep energy in play by moving it about. Max Potion to heal back up. Even if you play carefully (using Jolteon’s/Regice’s attack), Mew will likely just be KO’d early via another attacker or Hex.

Pump up the Lunala line and rare candy. Cut the Acro Bikes and revive. Run Super Rod.

Personally I run Lunala as a full Psychic deck with Espeon GX, 9-10 basic energy and 4 Elixir. Quite fun when it sets up.

I’ve tested this and Rainbows work well, but you need some attackers that work for every matchup. I run Lugia EX and am considering adding Yveltal EX. You also need Skyla so as to guarantee you can get Rare Candy out as quick as possible.