Troll & Toad Question

A few questions about Troll & Toad:
How much does shipping cost?
Are there good coupon codes I should use to buy Pokemon singles?
How long do singles take to arrive, if shipped to NY?

Thanks so much!

All these are on their site? Shipping depends, but if you’re buying only singles and your order is over $25 dollars it’s free First Class iirc. No coupons unless they state on their website. 3-5 days after they ship for them to arrive to you usually.

Yes, they are a lot of singles from their website.
$40 worth actually. A Shaymin!

Just kidding

It’s the rest of my incomplete Houndoom deck.
I can’t go to a league next week, and after that is states. I gotta get those cards before the actual states. It’s too many to just trade for.


EDIT: @OshaWaterBottle, one more question if you don’t mind. If you order many different singles, do they ship to you all in one package? Or come separately?
Thanks so much for the help

One package.

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If you are on any type of time sensitive order, you must pay for shipping. T&T free shipping is free, but it’s at their time schedule. I’ve always gotten my free shipping orders, but it has taken weeks on more than one occasion.

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Well… It’s too late for that now. :sweat_smile:

I don’t need them till the 19th. 12 days is enough, right?

Well, let’s hope so…

EDIT: And it only came to $18. Because someone bought every head ringer before I did, so I had to get the 3 from ebay

10 business days, postal service has the weekend off.
I don’t use them anymore because I’m in Canada and their shipping time to Canada is abysmal (7-10 business days, plus however long the “processing” takes). I’m not ready to pay as much on shipping as I did on the actual cards, so now eBay stores are my best friend. Also the Canadian Dollar is real crappy, $0.75 US :cry:

10 business days should be enough…

Keep an eye on your order status…

If they don’t get it out in the next 48 hours send them an email to their customer service… Be polite but also express your time sensitive need.

I too have stopped using them as my first source. Back in December I ordered from them and and paid for 2 day shipping… I ordered on a Friday afternoon but is was still showing “processing” Wednesday AM of the following week… I emailed them that Wednesday morning saying I was in need of the cards. Customer service got my order processed and refunded my 2 day shipping BUT it didn’t make it out in the Wednesday mail so I didn’t get them till Saturday… Not good enough when you need the cards for a event that day.

So that’s my story…
Keep an eye on your order…
Communicate with customer service
and be polite…

Piss them off and you just may get your cards in time for nationals :slight_smile:


I just add an issue when I bought UPS Ground, my package made it all the way to Baltimore, but was then redirected to California. I didn’t get the cards in time for Regionals, so that sucked. They came two weeks later.

Note to self: while Troll and Toad has lower prices, don’t order from them again.

I’m seriously crossing my fingers that they come.

And trying to get my dad to call them, or contact them and increase the shipping speed

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I’ve ordered countless times from T&T and never had an issue, so it’s not universal.


Well that puts my mind a little at ease.
Good to know they get it right sometimes.

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Let me be clear: I have a very high opinion of T&T and do business with them regularly. I am just very careful about buying cards on a time crunch.


I suppose I should be clear as well:

I make a point of avoiding this at all costs, which is likely why I’ve never suffered a complete failure to meet expectations on their part. It’s perhaps the case that I’ve experienced some of what other users have reported except that it wasn’t obvious to me because I wasn’t in a hurry for the order’s arrival.

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I’ve had close calls with them (1 day before event), but I have never gotten the cards after the event I was going to.