Trevenant Break BKP // XY-on 2016

Just play head ringers. Jolteon is obsolete as it does not work for the break.

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It’s not meant to be used with the break. The idea is to set up a stage 1 Trevenant that can benefit from Jolteon and KO Shaymins with Tree Slam.


Nobody ever tried to shaymin loop me, so it wasn’t a big issue. I played 2 judge in case of that, however

Run 1 Head Ringer to stop chain Shaymin. Kaden did this. It was used for him to get first at Oregon States in Seniors.

Confirming. He literally used it to win.

Yes I know he literally did by head ringering one of your shaymins @jirachi123 (so you say).

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Here was my list
Pokémon 15
4 phantump
4 trevent
3 t break
2 wobufett
2 shaymin ex
Items 28
4 ultra ball
4 trainers mail
4 bursting balloon
4 vs seaker
4 dimension Valley
3 acro bike
2 red card
1 eco arm
1 super rod
1 battle compressor
Supporters 9
3 sycamore
3 walley
1 Lysander
1 judge
1 AZ
Energy 8
5 psychic
3 mystery energy

I originally played 3 roller skates 2 battle compressor and 2 red card. I cut some consistency for 4 bursting balloon an eco arm and a 3rd wally. I’m not a huge fan of this list. I seemed to dead draw a little to often and I didn’t always hit t1 wally.
What do you think?

Don’t run red card, acro bike, eco arm or the 1 battle compressor. Just opt for a 3rd shaymin ex, a 4th Sycamore, 2 Level Ball, and 2 Professor Birch’s Observations. The last card could be a Xerosic, Team Flare Grunt, Delinquent, 2nd Lysandre, a Startling Megaphone, or whatever tech you prefer.

Hope this helps!

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4 Phantump BKP
4 Trevenant XY
3 Trevenant BREAK
2 Shaymin-EX

4 Professor Sycamore
1 Professor Birch’s Observations
3 Wally
1 Judge
1 Xerosic
1 Lysandre

4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
4 Trainers’ Mail
4 Dimension Valley
4 Bursting Balloon
2 Head Ringer
2 Battle Compressor
1 Float Stone
1 Super Rod
1 Eco Arm

6 Psychic

How’s this list?

-2 Battle Compressor +2 Wobbuffet, -1 DCE +1 Float Stone. Change the other 8 energy so that it’s 5 Psychic/3 Mystery.

No Dimension Valley? Also, I think 4 Wally is necessary for a turn one item lock going first.

Why not the battle compressor?
Wouldn’t it help get Wally faster if you have a vs seeker?

I agree with Balttle Compressor.

Dimension Valley was hidden with the items so I didn’t see it, sorry. I’m used to stadiums being by themselves.

Also, why DCE?

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I guess it’s so that In case you don’t have dimension valley, you can still tree slam.

I could just take those out and run mystery energy like @XtremeFate said

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Here’s a wild, crazy idea for trying to achieve a T1 Wally

Play High counts of Battle Compressor to thin supporters out of your deck, so that you leave yourself with about 5 Supporters in deck. Then use random receiver to fish out Wally, then Wally into Trev. Haven’t tested this at all, just an idea I had.

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Or only play 3-4 other supporters than wally, kinda like a NM deck.
Then when you get the Battle Compressor you basically guarantee yourself a Wally off a Random Receiver.

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ORRR you can use VS seeker like a normal person instead of limiting yourself to 4 supporters?


Who said no VS Seeker?

Isn’t VS Seeker a given?

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You battle compressoring all of your supporters other than 4(!) wally leads me to believe that you will only have access to as many supporters as you have VS seeker…no?