Trevenant Break BKP // XY-on 2016

4| Phantump
4| Trevenant
3| Trevenant BREAK
2| Wobbuffet
2| Shaymin EX

3| Professor Sycamore
2| Wally
1| Professor Birch’s Observation
1| Lysandre
1| AZ
1| Xerosic
1| Delinquent

4| Ultra Ball
4| VS Seeker
4| Trainers’ Mail
4| Bursting Balloon
2| Float Stone
2| Battle Compressor
1| Super Rod

4| Dimension Valley

6| Psychic Energy
4| Double Colourless Energy

For those looking for alternative variants, a list that has been seeing play in the New England area runs Crushing Hammer and Weakness Policy instead of Bursting Balloon and Wobbuffet.

Care to share the list?
That’s what this thread is for sharing ideas.

Question, why do you run DCE? Why not mystery energy?

Sky return is nice. and you can use Trev xy’s attack without dimension valley.

two wally seems really really low, i played this at oregon last weekend with 4 and still whiffed it a decent amount

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Did you play compressor?

4 is too many, 3 is the perfect count.

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I tested all the combinations of 0-3 compressor and 2-4 wally, and the 3rd and 4th wally added much more consistency than 2 compressor. If I had been able to find space I would have played 2 compressor 3 wally, but I didn’t. Going from 2 wally to 3 bumps up the odds of starting it (not including mail, shaymin, etc.) by 10%, and going from 3 to 4 bumps it up by another 8%. Compressor is a nice card, but I would never drop below 3 wally to fit it in, and I’d have to have a really good reason to even do that

I agree with you here. When Shaymin released, I played a Trev/Shay-EX deck with 4-4 Trev and 4 Shaymin-EXs. 4 Wallys and 4 Trainer Mails and some Acro Bikes nearly guaranteed me a first turn Item Lock. Obviously the deck needed fine tuning with just 8 basics, but man was that deck fun. 1 or 2 Battle Comp and 4 Wally sounds ideal if you’re looking for max consistency.

I find 1 battle compressor to not show up much, I think you need at least 3 to have it actually help.

3 just seems too much. What are you discarding anyway? Wally? If you have 4 of them in the deck, the less you need to play Battle Compressor. Trainers’ Mail, Ultra Ball, Shaymin-EX will get you the cards you need. At least 1 of those BC will become useless after setting up the first Trevenant. Again, this is only my opinion based on what I used before.

Battle compressor helps to get wally out, discard cards to make the chance of drawing it off a Shaymin or Tmail better, or Battle compressor/vs seeker for wally.

Battle Compressor turns 3 Wally into 6 by discarding 1 and making it VS Seeker-able.

Yeah, but the odds of hitting vs seeker and compressor are less than the odds of hitting Wally on its own, and battle compressors lose value really quickly after turn 1, especially if your opponent is playing item lock also

100% this.

You already have enough support around you with just 2 Battle Compressor, 4 Wally, 4 Mail, 3-4 Shaymin-EX, 4 Ultra Ball, and VS Seeker. And, as was mentioned before, after turn 1 Trev, your Compressors lose significant steam.

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I like 3 wally and 2 compressor as wee @JStensrud . I find that i am willing to sacrifice cards to get the turn 1, as the deck is way worse if it misses.

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To be honest, the more I think about it, the more maxing out Wally makes sense. In an individual slot, bumping up your chances of starting with a t1 trev by 8% with wally seems way better than any advantages compressor would offer. If compressor was a straight-up out to Wally by itself it would be much better, but the requirement of also having a vs seeker makes it much harder to justify in my mind. At the moment, I’m really leaning towards playing 0 compressor if Wally isn’t maxed out.

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You are discarding your own wally’s so they can be pulled out to the hand with VS seeker.

How does this beat shaymin loop? I would add in some sort of jolteon line or add in a judge.