Trevenant BKP, XY, BREAK variants // BLW-on (2016)


Sooo…common sense?


Probably. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:


Ninetales is super clutch in the Mega Manny and Raikou matchups.


Ninetales is a great card until one of two things happens:

  1. you have to leave a wobb active at the end of your turn
  2. your opponent plays a hex maniac

then, they can lock their stadium in and you’re in a lot more trouble
if these risks aren’t as big of a deal to you as they are to me, then it’s not bad. otherwise, i’d skip it


If Wobb is active, you can still play counter stadium.
If they play Hex MAniac, that was their goal already and it was a poor situation to start with. Plus I can still play my counter stadium and it will be locked for them.

Normally when Wobb is active, it already has energy as well as another one on my bench. Its only purpose is to take the last 2-4 prizes, so if I need to take an extra energy attach or fish out a D Valley, it ain’t such a big deal since my deck will be pretty small and I play Super Rod.

So hey, it is a great card until your board state progresses to the point that you are about to win, then your deck functions as a normal Trev Break deck. That’s what I am hearing.

It is not so bad to have the stadium lock broken; then you play as a normal Trev Deck. It just bumps up Toad and Electric matchups ~25%


So since yveltal is running around so much, i made some changes. I took the Aaron Tarbell list and did:
-1 Wobbuffet
-3 bursting balloon

+3 weakness policy

So far in my online (and soon to be real life) battle against yveltal… I have only played against groundon.

But hey, I won :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: I lost a mirror but crushed a yveltal. took all 6 prizes in one turn


If you do the math, you should add 4 cards. Just sayin.


I accidentally added 4 weakness policy instead of 3. Its on TCGONE where it’s way to easy to mess stuff like that up… Whatever.

Anyway, I took one out and put in another bursting balloon.
So over all its:
-1 wobbuffet
-2 bursting balloon

+3 weakness policy


Only in the wonderful land of TCGONE.:wink:


Mewtwo is to important for reach. Remember your main reason in having him is his second attack. It kills shaymins, something trev decks lack.


I would consider running bkp trev as it is really good against night March. Forcing them to commit 2 dce. Unsure if fco ruins this point though, probably does.


item lock is better as they will not be able to set up wheras against the BKP one, they can easily dig for setting up and hex maniac


Maybe this works better in standard, but I know the france nats champion ran 2 of them. I know item lock is better, but when results go against opinion it is worth thinking about with an open mind.


How many masters were there and how many NM decks were there? Something to note when you think the ends justify the means.


That I am not sure, but night March in standard is pretty popular. I don’t know if I agree with 2-2 but I think 3-1 is definitely worth considering. Trying to get a break out can be hard especially if night March goes first. Forcing a second dce when they generally do not attatch turn 1 is huge and allows you to get of a silent fear.


To combat yveltal, should I run:
2 bursting balloon & 3 weakness policy
3 bursting balloon & 2 weakness policy


I think 3-2 is good because you’ll only use weakness policy in, what, 2 matchups? You can dig for it with shaymins or jirachis and stuff if youre dead drawing and you really need to.


If you have your heart set on playing weakness policy, then just go with this or 1 weakness policy & 3 busting balloon or 4 Bursting balloon and 1 Weakness policy. After watching many Trev profiles and vids all the players that teched for the dark matchup ended up afterward ended up admitting that they would rather have just played it straight. It really isn’t worth it.


Ok. I really would like to play weakness policy. It really can turn the dark matchup in your favor (if you
have a good set up)


Not gonna lie, this is pretty bad advice. Playing 3-4 policy over balloon is perfectly fine and, in my opinion, a really strong way to play the deck.