Trevenant BKP, XY, BREAK variants // BLW-on (2016)


You beat Toad/Garb with your item lock and using Silent Fear.


Toadgarb is a bad deck and there is no reason you should be up against it.

Yes that would help.


That should be in the deck anyways?


You do realize that Tree Slam hits Garbodor for weakness, right? Eyeing that Lysandre right there…


4-4-3 Trevenant Break
2 Wobbuffet
1 Shaymin
1 Jirachi

4 Dimension valley

4 sycamore
3 Wally
2 n
1 colress
1 Lysandre
1 xerosic

4 vs seeker
4 bursting balloon
4 ultra ball
2 level ball
2 float stone
3 trainer’s mail
1 computer search
1 super Rod

5 psychic energy
3 mystery energy

This is the list I am thinking of using. It’s basically Aaron Tarbell’s list with a few changes:
-1 Mewtwo ex
-1 Shaymin ex
-1 level ball
-1 delinquent

  • 3 trainer’s mail
    +1 Wally

Honestly, I don’t know if those changes are good. Mewtwo doesn’t seem that useful to me, but maybe I’m missing something?
And I was thinking that trainer’s mail could get bursting ballon out or something…

What do you think?


Mewtwo is really good to threaten KOs with, you need two shaymin, and preferably 2 jirachi.


You dropped 4 cards the deck needs, for 4 suboptimal cards. The deck doesn’t need mail or a 3rd Wally. Keep it the way it is.


I’ve been playtesting, and I really don’t find delinquent to be useful. I honestly haven’t been able to get a situation where I could play it and they wouldn’t just discard 3 items.


I would play this but I worry about Dark ruining me. I know that bursting balloon helps, but can someone walk me through the matchup? I haven’t played in any expanded tournaments this season.


Try to lysandre something and stall, silent fear until they die.


This is the more desperate approach. Dedenne FFI is now included in most lists. It is good because it can get a surprise KO on things like Yveltal EX every now and then. You should try to do this:

  • Head Ringer a Yveltal-EX that he/she has stacked 2-3 energy on
  • Start Silent Fearing stuff, and get 60-90 damage on Yveltal EX
  • Lysandre this Yveltal-EX (if it is not active already)
  • Use energy short for 80-160 and take 2 prizes


You need to know how the math works out. Different combos of Mewtwo EX, Bursting Balloon, Wobbuffet and Silent Fear/Tree Slam are what you need to figure out in the Yveltal matchup. For example, say you put a Balloon on a Trev, and then Silent Fear once. An Yveltal EX OHKO’s the Trev, and Bursting Balloon puts the Yveltal EX at 90 damage, so you can kill it with Wobbuffet, or the same thing with a Tree Slam snipe + Bursting Balloon and then Psychic Assault is actually perfect math on an Yveltal EX. There’s other combos too.

Hope this helps!


Most lists don’t play Dedenne, and for good reason. Any time you’re using energy short, you’re breaking the item lock and once you’ve broken the lock, it becomes infinitely weaker once you’ve got it back on.


At least with Wobbufet you still have ability lock, stopping them from going off completely.


But is that ok?
To play the exact same list someone else came up with? Without knowing them or anything?

I don’t want to make anyone upset or anything. Like, mad that I used their list. But then, it was on a YouTube video, where they put it out to the public…

I guess I mainly changed stuff so I wouldn’t be straight net-decking. But if that’s OK, then I will put it back


If the list is public, it’s fair game. Every list for every deck is the property of Pokemon. No one owns their lists.


As we have premium subscriptions on this site, I need to note that subscribers are not permitted to repost content from UG articles in other venues—Pokemon does not own those “lists.”

(I realize this isn’t what you’re saying, just adding the note for those who read what you say and may take away the wrong message.)


Look what just came in the mail…


$16 for 3 when they are ~$7 each?
Nice deal :slightly_smiling_face:


That was USD, so more like 20 in Canada.