Trevenant BKP, XY, BREAK variants // BLW-on (2016)


No, that only affects Basic Pokemon.

However, Hex Maniac is indiscriminate.


You literally only need one of your 3-4 Wally’s, or 1 of your 3-4 Ultra Balls, and for your Jirachi EX to not be prized, and then you have turn 1 item lock, which is more devastating than you think. Take any deck and slap it in the face with Turn 1 item lock with the Trevenant player going first; it’s going to be incredibly hard to get set up, if you do get set up at all.


I know that. I’m not hyping a completely new concept that I think will break the meta. I’m discussing a concept that has been known and can be lethal.[quote=“Mamacrow, post:20, topic:7979”]
A turn one item lock doesn’t equal a win automatically
No, but it can allow you to win. This deck’s whole strategy is to lock your opponent and attack. If a lock wont do anything, then what’s the point of locking. It’s like saying that seismitoad ex can’t win games, when it has been demolishing everything for over a year.[quote=“Mamacrow, post:20, topic:7979”]
Some one could just carry silent lab or some other card to negate it.
Yes, but usually that means that in order to get out of the lock they are using a supporter (Lysandre, Hex Maniac) which allows them to get slightly set up. But usually not enough. Locks are very lethal. And there isn’t much you can do to get out of them.


As an added bonus, if your opponent uses Hex then they cannot Shaymin (or they can and it won’t get them any cards)


The biggest difference I think is that toads lock is much more difficult to break. If they do something like stardust or xerosic the toad player has a turn to keep the lock. With trev there are more conventional, lysandre hex jirachi, and to a lesser extend xerosic. The biggest factor though is if they find one of their answers, unlike toad, the trev player loses lock for the rest of the opponents turn and does not have a chance to resume lock without the opponent playing items, which can be used to keep the lock away ie vs seeker. This I believe is a major factor in why trev is not more widely popular. It’s still a great card, but I think that’s why it is not as widely used it as hyped as toad.


But could it be possible to have a turbo deck that employs Trevenant only for turn 1 locks and a backup attacker/free retreater. Something like Seismitoad/Trevenant?


Sounds interesting for sure, only issue I see is you dedicate so many slots to guarenter t1 trev that toad loses the disruption it needs to win through the match


Not really.
Replace Gengar, New Trevenent, And Break Trevenent with Toads and such disruption cards.


True, it sounds like a reasonable idea.


This is pointless. I’d either run Toad OR Trevenant. Trevenent would only be useful if you were going first. Other than the first turn, you would have a deck that has a lot of useless cards at one time.


Is there a standard Trevenant BREAK thread or Trevenant thread of sorts?


Sadly, no, looks like we will have to wait around for someone to top with the deck at states.


Anyone can go ahead and make one, will sign off on that.


Does anyone know/have the list that won a Regionals recently or the list that placed 3rd?


Poké has it, as usual.


Since you seem to have found it, could you provide a link?

I looked, but couldn’t find it. Maybe I’m stupid and passed right by it…? I don’t know…

I’m thinking of running this for spring regionals and I’m trying to start a list. I guess a good place to start from is a list that is proven to work. :slight_smile:

NVM About the link. I found it


So I was looking at Aaron Tarbell’s list, and played with it a bit. It’s really good (as to be expected from a regionals winner).

I was thinking of taking out 1 Wobbuffet, 1 ultra ball, and something else out.

I want to add a 1-1-1 dusknoir line.

That way you can take quick KO’s
What do you think?


Dusknoir is 100% unnecessary. If anything, it would hinder the deck.


1-1-1 and removing consistency sounds like a bad idea.


My testing confirms this.

How does this deck beat Toad/Garb?
Other than going 1st and turn 1 wally, is there any way to turn it around if they get a garb out?
1 xerosic?
or just scoop and get to go 1st the next game?