Trevenant BKP, XY, BREAK variants // BLW-on (2016)


Trevenant has 3 different versions that make it powerful.

I think use of these cards could make a powerful deck, especially for week three of regionals. Sableye is being immensely hyped for that format (BLW-BKP) and a turn one trevenant could seriously damage their strategy. If paired with Gengar ex, the only way they would be able to discard energies off a gengar would be to lysandre out of it and then use crushing hammers, or use xerosic. Toad could also pop up at week three to counter the oncoming sableye frenzy and Trevenant BKP could be used as a counter to that. Trevenant BREAK is a nice addition. It provides 50 more HP and when put on a Trevenent XY vs sableye, it could take 6 prizes quickly and easily.
This deck has the potential to beat anything by getting a turn one wally out. It even betters its poor matchup to toad tina by using Trevenent BKP and running some enhanced hammers possibly.
Here is my current list:
4 Phantump BKP
3 Trevenant XY
1 Trevenant BKP
2 Trevenant BREAK
2 Gengar ex
1 Shaymin ex
1 Jirachi ex

3 Wally
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
1 Colress
2 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball
2 Level Ball
4 VS Seeker
4 Float Stone
1 Tool Scrapper
2 Muscle Band
1 Computer Search

2 Virbank City Gym

3 Mystery Energy
5 Psychic Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Things I would like to add:
2 Silent Lab
2 Head Ringer
4th Wally

I originially had these, but took them out because I wasn’t sure if they were necessary. I’m also considering a 3-3 Ultra/Level Ball split and a 4-4 Mystery/Psychic Energy split.

I would love to hear any thoughts and questions you may have!!


You could cut 1 n for 1 wally or jirachi xy67.


Speaking from a lot of experience playing very similar decks, 4 Ns are not necessary. 4 Wallys, however, is necessary. Also, Mystery Energies are plain useless unless you want to discard it for the retreat cost. Level Ball is also probably unnecessary, you should play the Head Ringers instead of it.

To sum up my proposed changes:
-1 N
-3 Mystery Energy
-2 Level Ball

+1 Wally
+1 Physic Energy
+1 Switch
+1 Super Rod
+2 Head Ringer

You may also want to consider D Valley, but it isn’t the best for this deck.


Mystery Energies are for when you start with Gengar but cant retreat. If I cut them, I would at least cut them for more Psychic than just one.
I really like Level Ball. It allows me to search for Phantumps and Jirachi ex easily. I really like it in here. Especially when the focus is to always get a turn one Trevenant.
One thing I forgot to mention in the op: Im still considering my Trevenant
XY/BKP split. Not sure if it is going to be a 2-2 split or a 3-1 split yet.


After some testing, I really don’t like the new Trevenant. With no energy disruption that ability just ain’t that great. EG it doesn’t matter if they need an extra energy if you can’t knock off their first energy.


its great against toad


What do you do vs yveltal? Its going to be one of the most popular decks at regionals and you shouldn’t run anything that has an auto loss to it :open_mouth:


Trying to predict the week three meta is going to be hard. I’d only run this if I wasn’t expecting much Yveltal.


Easy. Play a mewtwo. The X ball one.

Scenario Time!
Said Yveltal KO’s trevenant. (1 dark. 1 DCE)
Mewtwo gets promoted and has DCE attached already. Psychic is attached. Muscle band is attached. Laser+Virbank=170. Done.


The Yveltal player will Y-Cyclone to K.O. Trevenant, especially if the have a DCE attached and a Mewtwo on the bench.


I 100% agree with @jirachi123 why wouldn’t you Y Cyclone in that situation.

Also your scenario is IF that person doesn’t Y Cyclone (which a good player would), plus a Muscle Band, plus a an Energy and a DCE already, plus a Virbank AND a Laser.

At least 4 cards in hand needed. VERY SITUATIONAL.

Trevenant can’t go into Yveltal with that being it’s best out, I’m sorry, it just can’t.


Yeah, I know that a good player would Y Cyclone but what if mewtwo had just a psychic attached? It all changes. Anyway, this could be good as long as there is little Yveltal. Hey, we all completely overlooked the most obvious tech! Dedenne FFI.


But… Y Cyclone still solves the problem for them, no?


Yeah, if they have the power to read minds.

Yveltal has 1 DCE. (Dark was moved to darkrai)
Drop Dedenne.
Muscle band.
There are ways to do it, but I guess some are just plain ol situational.


One that’s a lot to ask for, two they can always cyclone the dce or n before hand. This is also a one time response for one of potentially 3 yveltal and 1 other dark non ex attacker. It stands almost no chance vs dark decks (which won’t leave the expanded format as long as dark patch exists) unless a secondary attacker is introduced that does not clunk up a clunky list.


The Yveltal player will still use Y Cyclone whether or not there is one or two (or sometimes zero) energy on mewtwo.
Also, a smart Yveltal player will have 2 Yveltal powered up. So if they KO the Dedenne with their 2nd Yveltal, you’re in trouble.


EG Y cyclone to other Yveltal, then attach.

Basically not a good matchup.


This strategy doesn’t seem as good as your hyping it to be. The new trevenant doesn’t seem to be as great as you make it sound either.


So you don’t like turn one item lock?

Or a non-tool head ringer that also affects sableye?


No not really. It’s not really bringing much new to the table. A turn one item lock doesn’t equal a win automatically. Some one could just carry silent lab or some other card to negate it. Your deck doesn’t have much to fall back onto if it doesn’t go your way. I’m also not a fan of ‘turn-one’ decks, fast is good; but hands don’t always go your way. But hey prove me wrong, take it to regionals.