Toronto ON Regionals: 5/13-14


Toronto Regionals is coming up on Mother’s Day Weekend this year!
All info on this website: Toronto Regionals Website
May 13 - 14
Location: 655 Dixon Rd, Etobicoke
Toronto, Ontario M9W 1J3 Canada
Registration: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
It’s Expanded.
There will also be VGC if you would want to play it over TCG (TCG is the obvious choice)
Feel free to talk about the meta around it and more details.


Kinda upset that you have to pay for a Canadian tournament in USD :frowning:


Ya, and registration filled up fast. I registered within a week of it opening and VIP was sold out.
Hope to see you there :slight_smile:


Er, Mothers’ Day is in March…


Here in North America it’s May 14. It might be different in other regions.


They kind of had to, as there are not a lot of Canadian Pokemon Players, there will be much more American players.
Also, watch there be only 400 masters. :confused:


Should be fun! Too bad it’s so far out of Toronto, gotta get a 7am start to get there on time from downtown ;___;


Yeah, I live half an hour away and I probably won’t be staying on the friday night, so I have to wake up at six and drive there.
But it will be worth it, I have a pretty good list I’m confident in.


Me and a few friends are flying out for the event trying to get more cp.


Looks like seniors are gonna have a big outcome.
Just the locals are crazy good. Seriously, take the top 3 players and you’ll be amazed. I think the best seniors in Ontario are better than a lot of master’s lol.


masters is about 3x the size of seniors so I would say that your statement is accurate.[quote=“PerkyPancham, post:10, topic:10675”]
ooks like seniors are gonna have a big outcome
You’ll have the same outcome as probably every other regional, maybe less[quote=“PerkyPancham, post:10, topic:10675”]
Just the locals are crazy good

Is it you guys or Toronto that have Michael?


In the UK Mothers’ Day is usually in March. It’s something like three weeks before Easter.


The Toronto area (mine) has Micheal. That kid is insane this season.
Also, the locals are insane (Micheals one of em) we have Rowan, Gerardo, and Jackson.


This is being generous.


You know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh, for certain, if anything you understated your own point—I definitely agree with your sentiment in any event.