Top 8 @ Seniors Oceania IC

Hey guys! I recently went to Oceania and got Top 8! It was standard format and I played BuzzRoc.

R1 Volc WW
R2 VikaBulu WW
R3 Mirror WW
R4 Xerneas BREAK (2nd place) LL
R5 ZoroRoc LWW
R6 Wishwashi Hoopa (top 8) WLW
R7 Ninja ID (Top 8)

T8 Espeon Garb (1st) WLL

Overall good tournament, Mewtwo put in the work. I am at 760/400. Here is the list.


I top 8d at Portland regionals with buzzroc :ok_hand:

Glaceon Ninetales WW
Zororoc WLW
Dusk Mane WW
Zorogarb WLL
zoropod LWW
Goligarb WW
Frogs WLW

T8 Zororoc WLL

940/400 so close to 1000!
Games 2 and 3 in t8 were dead draws and painful discard :cry:.

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