Top 5 Plays for Spring Regionals!

Sup guys! Mike here, and I’m going to give you some tier 1 tier 2 decks to play at the upcoming pokemon regionals. This will mostly be geared towards seniors and master players. Hope you guys enjoy and I give you some ideas on what to play for this big event coming up. (goes from 5 to 1)

Virizion genesect is a deck that has gone down in playability, but I think is a very viable deck in this format. This is a deck that has decent matchups all around. Since Pyroar is a bad deck now with the new Seismitoad Ex, Virizion has a chance to shine. But there are a few flaws to this deck, I think it is very consistent, and has a few tech cards you can add in it. A bad matchup for this deck is the very popular Seismitoad Ex deck. You might think this would be a good match up because Seismitoad is weak to grass, but Seismitoad runs a lot of disruption to get rid of energy such as crushing hammer. But you can still win this matchup if you can set up an emerald slash on to Genesect. If there are a lot of “VG’s” in your area there are a few tech cards that can help you out. One tech that has been cropping up more and more after being hyped is Virizion/Genesect/Manetric. This helps out your matchup because Genesect cant take care of Manetric to easily, including you can run rough seas as a counter stadium. Genesect cant even knock out Mega Manetric with a G booster! But, if there a lot of Virizion/Manetric decks in your area, then you can try out this fun deck I’ve been playing: Virizion/Dusknoir. I’ve liked this deck a lot and it has good matchups all around and has a better matchup against Yvetal and Seismitoad. I haven’t tested this deck enough, but I’m liking it so far.

If you’ve been playing the game for a little bit you’ll remember when Yvetal Ex came out. It was destroying every tournament and it seemed like there were no counters to this monstrous deck. But it’s died down a bit with some new cards that have come out to counter this deck it will always be considered a viable deck to play until it rotates out. When Seismitoad Ex came out it’s gotten a big power in this deck, but there are some slops to this deck. The big problem is Manetric. Manetric destroys Both Seismitoad and Yvetal Ex. Manetric is a big problem to this because first, Yvetal is weak to Manetric and he only attacks for 2 energy so evil ball won’t be doing to much. Another reason is crushing hammer doesn’t hurt to much because he only attacks for 2 energy and he sets up more pokemon on the bench. Another problem with this deck is other Seisitoad decks. If they can disrupt your energy and can get good super scoop up flips your gonna be in trouble including with crobat. But overall this deck is a solid play for the upcoming Spring regonails.
This is a deck that has been under hyped but is a very good play. Groudon has a great matchup against Seismitoad (the most played deck in the format) because he cant get effected by items such as Hypnotoxic laser, Crushing hammer, Enhanced hammer, and so on. Seismitoad really relies on items that disrupt the attacker, but Primal Goudon prevents that with his Trait. Including you can’t even use Garbodor to get rid of abilities but he has an ancient trait. He also has a great matchup against Manetric because of weakness, and it takes 3 “Turbo Bolts” to knock Groudon out. You can also use Donphan in this list which I’ve used at states and got top 8 with. It has better matchups especially against Virizion/Genesect, and further matchups. I think this is a great play, and you should defiantly try it out because it has overall decent matchups against everything.
This is probably the most under hyped deck that is very viable for this format. It has very good to good matchups against almost every single deck in the format. The most played deck in the format; Seismitoad, is a great match up because of Aegislash. His ability prevents all effects of attacks from any pokemon with Special energy attached to it. Seismitoad only runs Double coloress energy (special energy) which is a huge problem for Seismitoad. Metal also has a great matchup against virizion genesect because of chrono wind and full metal impact. Being able to prevent a emerald slash is huge when genesect is their main attacker. Full metal impact can do 170 damage with a muscle band attached to it which knocks out genesect and virizions. Overall this deck is a very well play and has very good matchups across the board.

This deck can beat any deck in the format if they get the right flips and the right start. And you know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen multiple comebacks from a 2-6 prize comeback when they have nothing because of items such as: Crushing Hammer, Hypnotoxic laser, and super scoop up. These items make the deck what it is and if your deck has a bad Seismitoad match up you better change your deck quickly. A common deck that has been cropping up is Seismitoad/Slurpuff. This is a nightmare for the game that combine disruption and consistency. This could ruin the game in the future if they add more cards supporting this deck, and hopefully they won’t create any cards supporting it anytime soon. ( I’m counting on you Pooka! :smile:)

Thank you guys for reading this lengthy article and I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you need help with any lists, and I could help you with a skeleton build for newer players. Let me know how you do if you decide to play any of these decks and I hope to see you in the future!

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