Top 10 Interesting Pokemon from from Furious Fists-Cards you can use for the surprise factor

This is a list of the top ten Interesting cards [In my opinion] from furious fist. These are cards that nobody might ever think about, but are still playable if played right. Enjoy!

interesting cards from XY-Furious Fists. There are a few Rules I decided to follow when deciding what cards to be on here.

  1. The card has to be useful.
    I know this is kind of broad, but the card has to actually be useful enough to build a deck around. Take for instance, Breloom from this set, or Emolga-EX. Emolga is the Worst Pokemon-EX Printed since the Second onset of Pokemon-EX, and Breloom falls into the category of useless stage ones.

  2. The card isn’t Broken.
    Again, this seems dumb and pointless, but this is meant for interesting, out of the box ideas. So something like Seismitoad-EX, which is obviously good, will not be here.

Otherwise, join me to take a look at ten of the cards straddling the gap between Unplayable and Archetypical!
[We’ll be going from #10 to #1]

#10: Auroros
This Pokemon is interesting, and so is its ability, Ice Shield. It reads, “Any damage done by an opponent’s attack to any of your [W] Pokemon that has any [W] energy attached to it is reduced by 20. [After applying weakness and resistance] That’s a LOT of checks. Let me break this down.
-It has to be a water Pokemon
-It has to have a water energy attached
-Weakness and Resistance is applied first
Yeah. All that for 20 damage. But it still has some upsides! It stacks.
Up to 80 damage gets removed if you have 4 of these Beautiful creatures. let me break that down.
-Virizion-EX: 20 damage without Muscle band, 60 with MB [Weakness is applied since it has to be a water Pokemon]
-Pyroar: 10 damage[!!] without MB, 30 with MB
-Genesect-EX Megalo Cannon: 120 damage without MB, 140 damage with [umm…]
Genesect-EX G Booster: 320 damage

I guess there’s some reason Auroros is at the bottom. But who knows?
It could help blastoise decks make their triumphant return in blastoise’s last season.

#9 Magmortar
This card has some Synergy with the card Electivire from the same set. For 1 Fire energy, you search your deck for another fire energy and attach it to Magmortar. For an insane FOUR energy, [1 fire and 2 Colourless] you do 80 damage, plus 80 if electivire is on your bench. That and a muscle band gets you a one-hit knockout on most EX Pokemon. not bad, and definitely worth attempting to building a deck around, as Magmortar gets Blacksmith. Why is it number nine? There’s eight better, in my opinion.

#8 Electivire
As mentioned before, Electivire has synergy with Magmortar. The difference is Electivire takes 1 energy. Is it worth attacking only with Electivire and keeping energy off Magmortar? No. For one Lightning energy, you do 20 damage, plus 20 damage for each energy attached to all of your magmortar in play. If you have a fully-Powered Magmortar sitting on your bench against an Yveltal-EX, you can send up Electivire,
And Tag team spark for 200 damage, without the need for Muscle band or Laserbank.

#7 Flygon
Flygon is interesting, due to the fact that its first attack is the exact same as the Flygon from EX Dragon, except that it costs one less energy. For one Colourless energy, you can throw all energy you have into play, however you like. So if you have a hand full of of basic energy, you can get it all into play for an easy attack next turn. But now, you may be asking yourself, “How is this card better than Auroros, Electivire, and Magmortar?” Because it’s second attack, Sand Sweep, does 180 damage to a dragon type pokemon with a muscle band AND heals 30 damage from each of your benched Pokemon. Definitely something to consider.

#6 Victreebel
Wow. If you want to shake up your VirGen deck, or any deck that plays Grass/Rainbow/Prism energy, you can use this. By discarding an energy attached to Victreebel, you can confuse and Poison your opponent’s active Pokemon. Essentially, it’s a HypnoToxic laser, but you switch sleep for confusion. With Seismitoad-EX shutting of your lasers, maybe this will see some use.

#5 Dragonite-EX
If you’re thinking how on earth an EX can even be here?! then you’d be almost right. While most Pokemon-EX cards have massive HP, Powerful attacks and High Usability, then you look at Emolga-EX, and you get your answer. Dragonite falls into the realm of “I want to play Vir/Gen, but it’s SOOO expensive! I’ll make a fringe deck with Virizion instead!” Yes, Dragonite has Synergy with Virizion-EX, Genesect is still the better option. Not that Dragonite is bad, or anything. Its ability is where it really shines, Bust in. Once you play it down to the bench, you take energy from anywhere you want, attach them to Dragonite, and then switch Dragonite to the active position. from there, you can use Jet Sonic, an attack that costs 2 grass energy, and One lightning energy [PLEASE, Pokemon, make us a dragon energy already!] and does 80 damage +40 damage if you discard an energy. With LaserBank, that’s a OHKO to most Popular Pokemon-EX. I can see Virizion/Dragonite/Eelektrik becoming a thing in the extended format. [more on that soon…?]

#4 Blaziken
Yep, RayBoar gets another stage 2 to work with. While Rayquaza-EX is undoubtedly the best partner for Emboar, it’s gone now for the modified format. Charizard can help cope, but for that Surprise factor, you can use Blaziken’s Burning shot attack to do 150 damage anywhere. It does have a heavy cost, [4 energy, 2 fire and 2 Colourless, and you need to discard 2] but look at it this way:

Garbodor: Gone
Blastoise: Gone
Emboar: Gone
Trevanant: Gone

All of the good support Pokemon are gone, AND it takes a good chunk out of most Pokemon-EX, even finishing them off with a Silver bangle, Unless you’re a M-Pokemon-EX that Isn’t Heracross or Venusaur. I may cover a Blaziken deck later, but for now, this is still one awesome card.

#3 Eevee
Ahh, Eevee. The classic Pokemon that is loved by so many and to date has the most evolutions. But outside of Plasma Flareon, most Eeveelutions have no real use. Eevee has the interesting ability “Energy Evolution” with the premise of attach an elemental energy, search out a deck for an Eeveelution of that type, and evolve Eevee with it. This CAN be done on the first turn, and Let’s see some uses for it:

-Espeon PLF OHKO’s a trubbish for one Psychic energy [Weakness counts with shadow ball]

-Vaporeon PLF OHKO’s a Landorus-EX with a muscle band and Colress MCHN

-Leafeon PLF OHKO’s a Fully Powered Keldeo-EX [It will need a Silver Bangle if it has 3 energy]

The options are endless! Of course, Glaceon and umbreon PLF just sort of sit there and provide support, but maybe an Eevee deck is something to look in to!

#2 Politoed
Yep, everyone was probably expecting this to make the list. Politoed has a really unique ability in King’s song. What it does is it takes all colourless attack cost out of all your Poliwag, Poliwhirl, and Poliwrath’s attacks. What really helps is the fact that Poliwag, Poliwhirl, and Poliwrath each have an attack that costs 3 Colourless energy. Poliwhirl has the best attack, it does 110 damage provided the opponent has damage counters on it. then comes Poliwrath, and it’s attack does 60 damage and 30 to one benched Pokemon, which has some Synergy with Finishing blow. And last is little Poliwag, who has the adorable attack rain spiral, which does 20 damage, Confuses, and Prevents the opponent from retreating. Cute, right? Politoed makes it all happen.

#1! Tyrantrum
This thing is a MONSTER. For starters, it has 150 HP. That’s a TON, and it gets the bonus of Training center to give it the monstrous 180 HP. Following that, for 3 energy, you can chew up for 150 [!!] damage IF your opponent has a special energy attached to it. When you think about how much decks revolve around special energy, you can see how easily you’ll put 150 damage out there. And if they don’t you can just Giga impact for 150 damage anyways. And did I mention it’s a fighting type? It gets all the bonuses that fighting Pokemon get, so you’ll do a ton of damage, and be hard to take out. If you can work around the fact that it’s a fossil Pokemon, [made much easier with fossil researcher] you have a really awesome card to center a deck around.

thanks for reading this article, and I hope you found this article, informative, entertaining, and full of cards you can build a deck around for surprise factor. Bye!!



Hope you enjoy! I’m not sure if you could tell, but this was meant for the front page. Aaaaanyways, Enjoy!

A lot of these just look like decks, half of which I’ve not had many problems with in the past few weeks. I would like to see someone play the over sized dinosaur at league sooner or later.

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I liked the article! Makes me want to run a Blaziken/Delphox/Emboar deck.

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I traded someone a poliwrath at my league play to complete their poli deck. I is it under the condition that they would battle my aegislash deck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: