Top 10 decks for the 2016 Standard Format


Not sure if u lknow, but all of those games were 2 out of three games.


Then you got insanely lucky or faced bad people. That shouldn’t normally happen.


Wait 4got, technically went 3-1-1, because one time it was against Night March, and Vespiquen.

  1. Night March
  2. Trevenant
  3. Greninja BREAK
  4. M-Man / Ho-Oh (Very good matchups against top 3)
  5. YZG / Yveltal Variants
  6. Queen/Plume
  7. Anything with bats
  8. Toad/x
  9. Garchomp
  10. ???


Then why isn’t it higher up?

  1. Night March
  2. Yveltal Variants (I’m super surprised I’ve only seen this on a few lists and it’s placed really low on those. This is one of the most consistent decks in the format, and one of the few that can go toe-to-toe with night March and still keep 50-50s everywhere else)
  3. Trevenant
  4. Greninja/Swampert (Rare Candy Greninja)
  5. M Manectric/Ho-oh/Jolteon (has workable matchups, but it definitely doesn’t have a positive Night March matchup; its 50-50 at best.)
  6. M Rayquaza/Jolteon (once again, this deck doesn’t have a great night matchup but 2 Jolteon makes it slightly workable).
  7. Greninja (Wally) (down at 7 due to being too slow to deal with night March. The better Trevenant matchup is strong though.)
  8. Seismitoad/Giratina (strong night March matchup but overall a bad deck that doesn’t really beat the meta
  9. Manectric/Bats
  10. Speed Giratina (slowly gaining traction within standard for its favorable night March matchup. It’s inherently Yveltal, Trevenant, and Greninja matchups, along with a really shaky M Manectric matchup.)


Archie’s Swampert with Octillery? I’ve had lots of trouble even hitting rare candies in that list, why so high? I really think Frogadier is faster, considering you can hit multiple Greninja’s, even with Night March getting a KO every turn. I’ve done extensive testing with that matchup. Maybe I’m wrong.


Kiernan’s tier list seems really good. The only thing I would change is maybe switching Trevenant and Yveltal, since Yvelal has a questionable Night March matchup, but I’m probably really biased.


Yveltal can also have a hard time against Greninja. Night March can tech in Gallade to deal with M Manectric/Ho-Oh/Jolteon though.


Yveltal has a super 50/50 nm matchup when played correctly. Judge/quake is so good, and fright night is integral.


Not Archie’s. You play a 1-0-1 swampman in there. Azul Garcia Griego won a states with it.

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