Top 10 decks for the 2016 Standard Format


What do you guys think the top 10 best decks are in the PRC-SUMO standard format?Here is my list:

10-Greninja BREAK
6-Decidueye GX/Vileplume
5-Mega Gardevoir PRC/Dragons
4-Yveltal Garbodor
3-Mega Rayquaza
1-Turbo Dark


Metal Ray, Sceptile Malamar, Groudon, Giratina, and especially Trevenant/Gengar are all bad decks that don’t have a space anywhere near the top 10 decks of standard.


To omit M-Mewtwo off this list is still a bit criminal even with the amount of Night March around at the moment. Yveltal/Toad/Garb isn’t a thing, there’s literally no ability based decks in the format. (Greninja is the only one I can think of.) YGZ is much more common and a much better deck. ToadTina and straight Toad are much more played than ToadBats and Groudon. The only deck in that list that is correct is Night March. There isn’t a Top 10 right now in my opinion. I don’t feel as if there is 10 decks that could be relied on to perform at tournaments.
1)Night March
=Toad (Tina/Straight)
=Wailord (Trust me, it is 100% legit)
There might be a few more but these are decks that are certain to perform at events.


Good points.I edited the list taking into account your point and I did a little more research.Oh,and for pokemon that use abilities,there are:
Shaymin EX,
Mr. Mime,
Aegislash EX,
Giratina EX(Sometimes)are all cards that definitely use abilities in the meta
right now.


Straight toad isn’t a think and Yveltal Garb is in America.


Almost all of those are only in rogue decks. The only ones that aren’t are shaymin, and trev. Usually people will use all there shaymins before people get garbs out. Trev isn’t even that heavily played.


Damage Swap Mega Mewtwo literally only loses to Night March if you have the right list.


Straight toad is really good I’ve played at states and made cut, the only bad matchups are Trev (sometimes) mega manectric, and the mirror.


Mega Manectric is only bad if they can get a good Turbo Bolt off. You can Delinquent their Rough Seas, and slowly Quaking Punch them until they lose. Trev gets hard if they get a Trevenant out before you can really get set up, and the straight Toad mirror is basically who can lucksack the hardest.


I never said the mirror was an auto loss and the biggest problem against mega manectric is actually the rough seas. Though turbo bolt can be a problem as well.


I would call them rogue, exactly. Underplayed would be a better term.

I believe Night March to be one of the strongest decks in the format. You cant come to states and play a deck that loses to Night March. As long as a deck has even just a tech that allows you to beat Night March, they’ll do fine.

I don’t think Wailord is too strong. You will win your first couple of games, but anyone who has played against Wailord before will know just to tie if they aren’t playing a deck that can do massive damage every turn and recycle energies. It will probably get you into cut, but that’s about it. You wont get much further than that. It’s a nice sleeper pick for someone who really needs their last points.

I’m torn on YZG. In my opinion it isn’t a very good deck in standard. It gets wrecked vs Night March and although Gallade helps, its still a bad matchup. The only way I can see it beating Night March is by killing Shaymins almost every turn and using techs like FFB and Pokemon like Toad and Darkrai ex to take more than one hit. Also, the standard Maxie engine is really inconsistent in my opinion. People get it out once in a while but to me that isn’t enough. I can’t play a deck that utilizes Maxies and get it out very little. However, I have seen some lists that can get out Maxies consistently. Those engines have made me rethink YZG’s potential. In short, YZG is a powerful deck when it’s Maxies engine is consistent, but otherwise I don’t believe it to be very powerful.

Trevenant relies too much on its lock. Even Night March can beat it by Lysandre’ing around Trevenants and using Hex Maniac at the right times.

Last point: I think Wobbufett/Crobat is a Nic sleeper pick. It has problems with consistency, but the Bo3 format can allow you to win when even when you dead draw a few games. It is also very powerful when it gets lots of bats on the field.


So…the damage swap Mewtwo player loses when they have the right list?


As I think I’m qualified to talk about both decks, let me say this: Night March doesn’t beat Trevenant without bad luck on the Trevenant player’s side, and Wobbats can be consistent, but is NOT a good play imo. You can beat Night March, but I can see tons of problems with matchups like Mega Man and Toad/Tina. I still think Trevenant has been overlooked by too many players, as I was the only player with it at New York states. I went 8-1 against Night March decks that day (My only loss was because I was forced to Sycamore away 2 Trevenant, and my other 2 AND my super rod were prized) and believe that Trevenant is still one of the best decks in Standard. Don’t overlook Trevenant, as 3 of my friends made that mistake, and I beat all 3 of them in cut.


What? No, I meant that a good Mega Mewtwo Damage Swap list has its only bad matchup in Night March. It beats everything else, Night March is the only challenging matchup.


Trevenant isn’t even slightly a bad matchup?


Well I don’t know. There’s a person you should be directing all these questions at and that’s @pygohan. Pygohan is so good at Damage Swap, it’s not even funny. Ask him any questions you may have. But I would imagine that yes, Trev is an annoying matchup. If you get to go before the Trev player and get a decent to good turn 1, I imagine you sweep them.


Mega Turbo is competely useless, so you’ll be building up Mewtwos manually. The math normally works out so that Trev wins the prize trade.


That’s not really too true. I played YZG at Maine, and NH states. In both tournaments combined, I went
4-1-1 against NM.


6 games doesn’t prove anything. You need to play many more to prove to me it is a good matchup. And this helps to show to make sure they did not DD.


2 Lysandre 1 PCL 4 Shrine and you actually do want to mega evolve in this match up. The Trev match up isn’t bad you just need to play it differently from others.