"Tool Drop" Variants - Trubbish PLS 65, Sigilyph PLB // BLW-on 2016

In lieu of Tool Drop’s presence in the Top 16’s of both the 2015 AZ Regionals and TX Regionals, I thought this would be a good time to discuss how the deck stands in the current meta, decklists, opinions, etc. in the extensive expanded format. Although I am not sure of the exact decklists that made Top 16, I know they included a variety of techs like Shuppet ROS and Mew LTR to discard special energy. The deck inherently is good in the format because it does not run special energy and runs almost singularly non-Ex pokemon(which can be a serious problem now because of Articuno ROS in Archietoise decks). Also, it is very adaptable and flexible. Was Tool Drop a one-hit-wonder or is it actually competitively viable?

TBH I think it’s a flash in the pan. Giratina is heavily played so I can hardly imagine it winning. In addition, many decks are teching in tool scrapper as of late, so I see it even less.

Tool Scrapper is means nothing when you are playing tools in the double digits. Also, the Teammates double enhanced hammer play is really good against Toad/Giratina. I do think this deck could find room for a teammates and 2-3 enhanced hammer. I like the deck for regionals. It seems like it would be a good/interesting play.

If they have to attach to Giratina and give up the Toad lock while you use Mew-EX to copy this guy, you are in an amazing position.


How many Eco Arm do you think the deck should run? I have 2 in my build, but i feel like that sometimes they aren’t that useful, but if your opponent is playing 2 tool scrapper, or even a mega phone, it’s practically vital to have two. Thoughts?

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Idk, it seems like it’s Tool Scrapper in Kingdra/Greninja…you just gotta hope you don’t play against it.

The winning Seismitoad/Bats deck at AZ Regionals ran one starling megaphone, which is one of the reasons so I have heard that the Tool Drop deck lost in Top 16. Idk, Tool drop seems like an unexpected play, could catch a lot of people off guard. Most people don’t run startling megaphone in general.

AZ regionals was won by yveltal.

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Sorry meant Houston, my mistake

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You’re right. I feel like Tool Drop could be a good dark horse play, provided it runs a fast enough engine to get out all its tools T1 before a possible quaking punch. Of course, it just autoloses to quaking punch+startling megaphone. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to run it considering that counter, but it still could work.