Tool Drop Variants//Legacy Format

Today I show you a Tool Drop Deck that is based around getting out a ton of Tool Cards and hitting for a bunch of damage.

Pokemon: 12
4 Trubbish
3 Masquerain
2 Surskit
3 Sigilyph
1 Smeargle
Trainers: 37
3 Juniper
3 N
2 Pokemon Collector
1 Colress
1 Twins
1 Life Dew
4 Level Ball
1 Team Plasma Ball
3 Ether
3 Pokedex
3 Exp. Share
3 Float Stone
2 Silver Bangle
1 Rescue Scarf
1 Silver Mirror
1 Super Rod
1 Random Receiver
11 Psychic Energy

Card Explanations:

Masquerain- Allows you to regulate your tools and if you have more than enough tools out than you can take them and put them in your hand in case of Tool Scrapper.

Ether and Pokedex- Since we lose Dimension Valley from Expanded I run this to consistently get out energy’s onto Trubbish.

Silver Mirror- Pretty much used against Plasma and is an extra 20 Damage.

Feel free to give any criticism and also make any changes to the list if you want. Thanks in advance for the help.