"Too Much Buzz" – Alex Discusses Post-LAIC Standard with Buzzwole and Ultra Necrozma


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Is ZoroRoc for Toronto a bad call? If so, what improvements can be made for the BuzzRoc MU?


What do you think of Brigette in Ultra Necrozma/Malamar? I have been playing the deck at league, and I personally prefer a slightly riskier, more agro approach by a lot of draw supporters and full Pokémon search cards. Thoughts?


I would say yes, it’s one of the better matchups for BuzzRoc. Without a T2 Mew KO and a reuse of that Mew later in the game, you’re just always on the backfoot and often struggle to get meaningful OHKOs.

You could play both Mewtwo and Mew-EX to improve the matchup. Mewtwo is deceptively difficult for Buzzwole decks to KO, and being able to get it with Brigette is huge. I still don’t think it makes the matchup any better than 50/50 at best.

ZoroPod is a better choice if you want to play a Zoroark deck right now. You don’t have to play Giratina or lose to Greninja, Oranguru fits more naturally to deal with stall decks, and you have an easy way to OHKO Lycanroc.

I could definitely see that as well, similarly to how the “KicaBulu” types of Vikavolt decks function. However, those decks work without Brigette because you only need 1 Grubbin to survive, and then you only need Rare Candy + Vikavolt. With Malamar, you want 2-3 Inkay down, and then you want 2-3 Malamar to follow that up. To guarantee that you can get that many Pokemon out without using Brigette, you’d need to see a ton of Pokemon search in the first few turns. Ultra Ball and even Mysterious Treasure discard too many cards for you to be able to get that many search cards off, even if you find them. Maybe Level Ball solves that problem?


I’m not sure about Buzzroc card counts because you can’t counter everything. Here are some questions:

1: Rockruff: Promo or GRI?
2: Cynthia / N split: 2-2, or 1 Cynthia, 3 N
3: Float Stone / Choice Band split; 4-3 or 3-4?
4: Enhanced Hammer? I’m not clear on how this helps Buzzroc’s matchups?
5: 2 Sudowoodo, 2 Mew, or 11th Fighting Energy? Afraid of VikaBulu so maybe 2nd Sudowoodo?

Or does any of this matter, when winning often comes down to being familiar with the deck and outplaying your opponent?


Promo is safer, gives you more outs to attacking against Hoopa. However, Corner’s utility is more likely to have an impact on your tournament, even if you don’t use it to stall an Octillery and win the game. I’ve run both through 26 Bo3 rounds and never attacked with Rockruff once. I think I’ll probably go with the Promo to be better against Hoopa in case I get unlucky enough to face it, but it doesn’t really.

3 N is safer and gives you more outs in close games vs Bulu and mirror. I also got a lot of use out of it against Magnezone in Brazil, but I don’t expect to see a lot of that usually. Once again, I don’t think it matters a lot because Octillery often puts N and Cynthia to a similar amount of total cards drawn. More Cynthia help you keep a lead, but I’d rather have the comeback potential.

I’ve talked about this in both articles I’ve written on the deck, especially as to why I like 4 Float Stone. 4 Choice Band is almost strictly better when you run 2 Mew because they demand a Choice Band to get meaningful damage off, but I rarely need 4 otherwise.

Well, in the Buzzwole mirror, the most important thing is how many energy you get on the board and what you set yourself up to do with them. If you can limit your opponent’s options to OHKO you next turn, you’ll probably win.

I also really like Enhanced against Zoroark/Lycanroc especially, as it can singlehandedly keep them from ever using Dangerous Rogue. Against other Zoroark variants it can “force” them to attach to the next turn’s attacker instead of building up multiple attackers.This is especially important when you can clear Zoroark off their board and they have less outs to draw an energy off of an N.

I like the latter two over the 2nd Sudowoodo, and would probably just go with a Super Rod if you want Sudowoodo that badly. It can even be any or all of the things you want in that slot!

Your list matters, but Elixir luck might matter the most!


Hi Alex - how do we expect Buzzwole to cope with all the Malamar decks? People are still talking about Buzzwole as potential BDIF but it seems to be hugely pressured by all the psychic coming along despite all the new support.


With Beast Ring, I think Buzzwole stands a chance against even the most heavy-hate Malamar decks. You don’t really care that they’re one shotting you if you can just power up another Buzzwole with 1 Item and one shot them back. Combine that with the fact that it’s easier than ever to OHKO 60 HP basics with Beast Energy, and that Malamar has 90 HP (1 snipe of 30, then Guzma and do 60), and Buzzwole might not be a super good matchup.

That’s why I’m trying out 2 Dawn Wings and 2 Mew in my Malamar build. The Dawn Wings gives you an easy OHKO attack, and the Mew lets you get an OHKO while also trying to get ahead in the prize trade. Other ideas to beat Buzzwole would be all Psychic builds (just attacking with regular Necrozma-GX and Dawn Wings) or Mr. Mime, which could cement Brigette as a staple in the deck.