"Toad and Troll" – Virginia Regionals Junior Top 8 Report and Cities Recap


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Great article @bhalliburton ! I was watching Liam’s top 8 match against Kyle and it was pretty luck-based in the end. Also, if you actually wanna join a team, I have one (we all live in your area too).


I agree with the whole burnout thing. I’m a senior from the UK and trying to go for Top 22 (Like your eldest), wanting to achieve that and the community are honestly the only thing that makes me want to play this game. I feel as if the game is too monotonous, however I do enjoy expanded considerably more than standard because of its versatility and options - standard lists all look the same.


As a fellow Pokedad, I could relate so well when you said, "I drive three hours . . . my oldest kid plays two rounds . . . entire day lost for two rounds of Pokemon."
Thanks so much for showing the juniors some love with your articles.


Haha, thanks for the kind comments guys. Sorry I am late to the show - as I said, we have been heads down for FL Regionals. Another article coming on that soon.