Tier 1, tournament legal, PURELY GHOST type pokemon?


Okay, I’m a fair Pokemon player as far as the TCG goes, (and the games, but not the point) and my favorite types, are ghost types. I’ve been browsing through some tier 1 deck formulas, and some do involve ghost type pokemon, but not primarily, (i dont count Night March, even though it is primarily ghost type.) and not exclusively.
I’ve been playing with some different strategies, but none of them are quite tier 1. The most recent one I’ve been using revolves around Gourgeist PF, along with cards to draw basically my entire deck, and attack for decent amounts, while having a grass energy on it, so it’s a non-EX pokemon with 200hp, and fair fire power. I’ve played against some pretty tough decks, including the championship decks, and won with this strategy, but it’s always too close and too slow to be tier 1. There seems to be a bit of potential with ghost-grass decks, considering Gourgeist, Trevenant, and Giratina all use psychic and grass type energies. Or…can use them.
Forgive me if I’m missing something obvious, or if this is a lost cause, or a ridiculous idea. I’m sort of new to everything.
So what I want is some help figuring out a solid Tier 1 deck, that is tournament legal as of the most recent Fates Collide expansion, that ONLY, 100%, NO EXCEPTION, uses ghost type pokemon. It’s been a long road, but I’m hoping someone here can help.


I would suggest pkmncards.com to browse through the sets to find some ghost type Pokemon to build decks around. But nothing you find will be tier one outside of Night March and Trevenant BREAK decks. Good luck!


Your best bet would be to wait until September 2018 (at earliest) for the Colorless Shaymin-EX to rotate.


Gengar crobats, Gengar EX Trevenant, and the decks @jirachi123 has mentioned are the only decks that could possibly win a game with ghost types. However, Bannette screws greninja break pretty good so consider him as a tech


Except that neither of the decks you mentioned are good. Gengar/Crobat was never good and won’t ever be good, and Gengar/Trevenant hasn’t been good since the days of Primal Clash. Banette (With Evolution Jammer) also isn’t a good tech because he requires a Psychic Energy to attack, so you have to be running Psychic energy already.


Which you would be if you had a deck of all ghost types (which all fall under psychic in the card game).


What about straight Trevenant BREAK?


Yeah that’s good. That’s the only tier 1 ghost deck besides night march


No deck entirely made of ghost types will ever be teir 1. You will need at least 2 shaymin-exs or in some highly odd cases, octillery.


Not really. You just bubble and evolve. It doesn’t put any pressure on the greninja player so unless ur running a slow deck and just want to buy 2-3 turns then it’s not worth the effort.


Just a small line might be ok


I did have some success running Gengar EX and Giratina EX with Renegade Pulse, but that is only effective when the opposing deck runs off of a mega evolution. And as I have learned the hard way, with fairy decks, which my girlfriend plays, so I practice mostly against that, xerneas renders that strategy useless.




Pyroar isnt a ghost type as far as i know


No, but it has great synergy with gengar


The topic creator explicitly stated “PURELY GHOST.”

To be frank, “tier one” and “purely ghost type” are mutually exclusive in standard. Constructing a pure ghost deck for fun isn’t impossible, but top tier decks are top tier because they aren’t bound by extra limitations like that. They’re built to consistently win as many games as possible in a competitive environment, using whatever combinations of cards will best accomplish that goal. If, by some coincidence, the best Pokemon in the format were all ghost types with perfect synergy, your goal would be easily accomplished, but in the current metagame it’s just not at all realistic.


That’s actually a really good response, even though it is telling me that it can’t be done, that’s insightful and appreciated. How about this then, what could be the best, even if it’s not tier 1, pure ghost type deck? How close to tier 1 can we get with just ghosts?


In a 9 round day you could get 2-3 wins for sure. Maybe more but I do not have expertise at those tables


You could try gengar m gallade I’ve seen some pretty good ones


Besides the fact that you bumped this, you’ve forgotten that Mega Gallade is not a ghost type Pokemon, and does not meet the OP’s requirements.