Thundurus-EX, Deoxys-EX, Kyurem PLF Variants // BCR-on

Here is my TDK list:


2 ThundurusEX

4 Kyurem

3 DeoxysEX

2 KeldeoEX

2 LatiasEX

1 GenesectEX


2 Lightning

3 Water

4 Rainbow

4 Plasma


4 Professor Sycamore

3 N

2 Colress

2 Bicycle

1 Lysandre

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

3 Team Plasma Ball

3 Muscle Band

2 Float Stone

2 Colress Machine

1 Ultra Ball

1 Escape Rope

1 Switch

1 Startling megaphone

1 Computer Search

2 Virbank City Gym


Hope you like my list!!!:slight_smile:

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Re: Pyroar Problem
If it’s a straight Pyroar deck (like Pram’s list for US Nats), you’re not going to scratch it even if you devoted space for a counter of some sort. If it’s not a straight Pyroar list, see this article.

I believe that the list above could definitely go through a very devoted Pyroar deck, such as Pram’s. 2 Latias EX will go farther than you think, and Hypnotoxic Laser will help out, too. Also, he plays 2 Catcher effects for the early game to try to get KO’s on Litleo’s. I suggest you test the matchup sometime, and you will find that this deck may win. However, there are some inclusions that would lead me to believe that it may struggle in some other matchups.

Both TDK and Pyroar are cyclical in their playability I think. TDK I think is perfectly playable because Pyroar is crushed by a number of matchups now.

Just wondering, what matchups is pyroar weak to (I don’t know about a lot of decks.)?

Beartic is the most notable tech that I think of for giving Pyroar a bad match-up.
Beartic, in my opinion, isn’t a deck. Beartic is more of a tech to defend against Pyroar, and that’s why fewer people, in my area, are playing Pyroar. With less people playing Pyroar, fewer people are using Beartic, and with fewer people playing Beartic, more people play Pyroar.
The metagame is kinda: ‘You use Pyroar to counter my EXs?? I’ll use Beartic to counter your Pyroar.’ ‘Oh, you’re using Beartic? I don’t need to play Pyroar.’ It’s a flip-flop.

Any other deck/tech ideas other than Beartic for countering Pyroar, @Pokemaniac45 is interested.

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Pyroar is going to be weak to practically any deck that either has a main attacker that is an evolved Pokemon (Empoleon, Garchomp, etc.), and Garbodor messes with it pretty well. In the TDK matchup, if you aren’t playing dedicated Pyroar techs like Latias EX or Glaceon, you generally want to either a) use Catcher effects to drag up unevolved Litleo’s or other Pokemon that don’t have Intimidating Mane, b) use Hypnotoxic Laser to slowly wear away at their Pyroar’s, while hopefully using Thunderous Noise to rid their board of Energy. However, I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about Pyroar right now. Seismitoad/Garbodor gives the deck fits, Beartic FUF seems like it is seeing a bit of hype, and people are just ready for Pyroar in general. I don’t think many people want to play a straight Pyroar deck in this meta. However, you still might see Pyroar teched in to certain decks to improve a matchup like Virizion/Genesect.

What deck that Pyroar is weak to are getting some key cards needed for setup?(Just curious)

I have been telling this to people for months now. Don’t counter Pyroar, it’s not worth it. Even the straight Pyroar deck ran 1 Charizard and 1 Mewtwo for counter counters, and it looked like they worked pretty good. The only way to effectively counter Pyroar is to ruin the integrity of the deck, and then it won’t work.

Is Super Scoop Up viable in this deck?

If it is, how many? is it viable in other decks as well?

Thanks in advance!!!:slight_smile:

I don’t see any advantage of it, what the deck is lacking is 2-3 counter stadiums, a shadow triad would be useful if you wanted to cut out a kyurem. The stock list without stadiums is extremely fast and consistent the arising problem with no counter stadium is the fact that someone could slap down a Mountain ring in a Pyroar deck or a training or fighting stadium in a Fighting deck making it extremely problematic in getting the bench damage that you need. I have a list which is essentially just the stock list, so I ended up cutting a Colress and a startling megaphone for 2 frozen city. It seems fine but it still isn’t on-par with the stock list. I prefer frozen city just because no-matter what its going to get damage on something besides another team plasma deck, if they decide to use virbank I can laser them back then counter.

I agree with you. Brandon Salazar didn’t run any counters to Pyroar. He ran Garbodor to shut down Blastoise and RayBoar and other ability based decks (Pyroar happened to be one) and he also ran Raichu, to counter Yveltal and Lugia but happened to be able to attack Pyroar and OHKO him with a Muscle Band. He didn’t counter Pyroar directly.

For the Seismetoad match-up what do you think about Fan Club to search out pokemon under item lock?

I think that it’s a good idea to start running one in most decks so you can find a counter to Seismitoad. Seismitoad’s release seems to be Pokemon’s way of nudging the player base towards using some of the more strategic supporters like Fan Club as a way of maneuvering around item lock, so fan club is one effective way to do that.

Yeah but frozen city is going to accumulate damage on a seismitoad deck which you want, I’m not sure if you were referencing just Blargh’s post or mine as well.

So what you are saying is that he ran TWO Pyroar counters, but it never occurred to him before the tournament that they would be used against Pyroar. He just went in trying to counter Rain Dance and Yveltal and discovered that he had accidentally included something that would KO Pyroar.

Seems plausible.

Just as well he did put them in though, or Pyroar would have been an autoloss.

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Take for instance people putting Zoroark into Yveltal. Zoroark is only for Pyroar but Garb and Raichu were to counter things other than Pyroar but also were good versus Pyroar. I worded my post badly. Also the list was made by Luke Kirkham of and posted after UK Nats (Best bet ever BTW) which had little Pyroar doing well so it probably wasn’t made to counter Pyroar decks.

Point is, he needed a Pyroar counter and he had them in his deck. If he didn’t, he certainly would not have won US Nats.

In my opinion, if you going to a large tournament (like Regionals) you shouldn’t try to counter pyroar. Just make the most consistent and powerful deck that you can. Will you lose to pyroar if you are paired against it, yes you will. Will you be better off against everything else? Yes. If your local league challenges have a lot of pyroar decks, I would consider playing a different deck.

If you expect a significant amount of Pyroar, then it is much better to play a deck that has a natural better match up, rather than trying to tech out something which doesn’t (such as TDK).