"Thunder Struck" – Top 8 Phoenix Regionals 2016 Tournament Report with Raikou/Eels


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In your match against Ryan, did it ever occur to you give him game 1? It is allowed. It would have been the honest thing to do, seeing as how your victory was fraudulent.


I would just like to point out, When you and Ryan realized that the victory was not a victory, it was partly because you were so confident in the belief that you had won, that the opponent likely didn’t even think twice because you were that confident. Over the summer I learned that if you state something with bold confidence, the person with whom you are speaking to will likely agree at that moment even if it is not true as opposed to you being like "and I use Thunder Lance and… I think it knocks it out…? Wait…"
Both players likely didn’t think about the situation because you stated it as fact instead of it as a possibility. The mishap was only found when the players reflected on the game and realized it.
So for future reference, always make sure the win condition is correct, no matter how sure a player is of it. Confidence in a statement can mask the truth of the matter and this doesn’t just apply to pokemon.

Conceding a game after it is finished is always an option until the slip is taken to the judges. However, because the game wouldn’t have been finished otherwise, conceding a game he could’ve still possibly won wouldve been… well I can’t really put it into words but I hope you see my point. The game had already been determined by the players, and there is nothing a player can do about that unless they wish to concede games on their own before the slip is taken or agree to an ID. Scooping might’ve been generous, but honest is not how I wouldve described one person conceding after a game in their situation

Congrats, Michael on the top 8!