Thoughts on Vespiquen / Zebstrika - Yveltal counter

Hello fellow 6Pers.

With Vespiquen / Zebstrika out, I’m looking for a way for Yveltal to counter it and not hurt the deck against other matchups. My thought was to replace the 3 Fighting Fury Belts with 3 Weakness Policy and replace a float stone with Karen.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

You still need to draw into Weakness Policy to not get OHKO’d, and Lysandre-ing around that is not difficult. Fighting Fury Belt is also one of the strongest cards for the deck, making the matchup against Greninja, Dark/Tina and Volcanion 50/50 or better.

The mirror-match will also be almost entirely unwinnable if others are playing FFB and you’re playing WP. Vespiquen Zebstrika also hasn’t seen that much play, and in my opinion won’t see a huge increase any time soon, because its main purpose is to beat Yveltal and Ray, but loses to so many other things in the format. If you are intent on playing Yveltal, just take the hard loss.

Also, this should definitely be in the :Yveltal thread.

imo vespiquen/zebstrika is a little unneccessary (I mean, sure, it nearly topped, but the guy piloting said it was just luck running into a load of yveltal MUs); a skilled player can have a good yveltal MU with vespiquen/zoroark/yveltal(frightnight) without having to fold to tina or glaceonEX. But that’s just my opinion and vespiquen variants are still pretty rare in format afaik.
Any tech-counter attempts will be useless a large amount of the time due to the rarity of the mu as said above:
The main field is full of yveltal, volcanion and greninja mu’s, where vesp/zeb only autowins yveltal. As Volcanion clearly outprizes it and greninja can often cope with the constant knockout pressure with the insane splash energy counts and then wipe field very quickly, and the vespiquen player generally doesn’t make 6 vespiquens. Hence most players won’t gamble on only seeing yveltal decks, so its not going to suddenly become common.