"The Zenith of Zoroark's World" – A Charlotte Primer, a Trio of Zoroark decks, and...Mega Sceptile?

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In Zoropod, why Mewtwo EVO over Mew EX? More geared towards the BuzzGarb matchup?

A few reasons. You hit on one of them. Second, Mewtwo is a better start than Mew. Starting Mew can lose you the game in a lot of matchups - basically any Zoroark mirror where you start Mew the game is basically over. Third, Mewtwo is good in a deck like this that tries to just 2HKO stuff. Mewtwo serves as a one-prize attacker that can help 2hKO things like Ho-Oh, Volcanion, Bulu, and more. Strictly as a Buzzwole counter, Mew is better. But I think Mewtwo is almost as good and is much better in other matchups.

How good do you think sceptile is right now? I played the deck to some success at states and I was wondering whether or not to play it for a local cup I know two people will be playing wailord and there will be a few lycanroc zoroarks as well. Thanks in advance!!!