"The Usual Suspects" – Future Points, Likely Competition, and Other Decks to Watch For in St. Louis (This Weekend!)

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Quick update:

I had a good testing session last night, especially with Night March. I’m leaning towards dropping the Giratina for a Mr. Mime since I think Turbo Dark and Yveltal will be more popular than Trevenant and Greninja. Also, I think I’m going to drop a Trainers’ Mail for a 2nd Pokemon Catcher. Especially with Karen being in the metagame, it gives me good ways to steal cheap prizes off of benched Shaymin-EX to collect the last few prizes

I agree with nightmarch being a good deck

Your insight about the profile of persons with affinity for Sableye Garbador is fascinating. I never made the connection between my love of that deck and the fact that I play MTG.

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I made the connection last year after seeing Magic player after Magic player pick up Seismitoad decks (often with Giratina) in Standard and Sableye in Expanded. I finally asked some why and they just said they love control decks in Magic so this was the closest they could get to that. Obviously not always the case but I’ve found it to be relatively accurate.