The uses of Landorus vs Lucario vs Zygarde at diff points in the game


Hey guys Im having trouble putting together my deck.
Im essentially trying to transition the Landorus/Zygarde/Regirock idea into the new GX meta.
Ive foregone the carbink engine/hawlucha/fighting stadium package since while EXs are still prominent, GXs is slowly on the rise.
Right now its 4 regirocks and 4 skyfields to give you a picture of what the deck is like. What I want to know is: when would you want to have Landorus, Lucario or Zygarde available in the early, middle and end stages of the game? This will ultimately decide how many of each I run which is my end question here.

My understanding is that Landorus is probably the one you want to start with since his first attack is fast and has the best secondary effect of 30 bench dmg. Lucario doesnt seem much better than Zygarde asides from the utility of his second attack and zygarde is just a bit better.
Right now I have 2 Landorus, 1 Zygarde and 1 Lucario. Im thinking 3 Lando, 2 zygarde and 1 lucario but honestly don’t know what to cut except for maybe an N

Here is the full list;
1 Hoopa
2 Shaymin
2 Landorus
1 Zygade
1 Lucario

4 Sycamore
3 Korrina
2 Lysandre
2 N
1 AZ
1 Colress
1 Pokemon Center Lady

1 Heavy Ball
4 Ultra ball
4 Vs Seeker
4 Trainers mail
2 Float stone
1 Escape rope
1 Professors letter
3 Fighting fury belt

4 Sky field

4 Strong energy
6 Fighting energy


The list looks pretty good. With korrina, you don’t need hoopa, and you might want 4-4 energy set. Landoris was mostly played with bats, and lucario never really took of. I would suggest 3-2-0 xygarde landorus lucario set, 3 seems too clunky.


ex or not because that matters.


Sorry about that, all 3 are EX. Shouldve clarified it


Thanks for the feedback man, whats the reasoning behind the 4-4 energy set? I am tempted to do that but not sure what a good justification would be.
If I wanted to run hoopa, should I run less korrina? Hoopas mainly there to get a burst of regirocks and shaymins. That being said, if I ran both hoopa and korrina should I take out a heavy ball.

As for the 3-2-0 line up you suggested, I should aim to have zygarde as my main attacker at all times then? Is zygarde overall better than lando in most situations? I expected it to be the other way around since zygarde is mostly pure dmg and lando has dmg close to zygardes but with an added bonus


Remember, Lando saw play, but dropped off when Zygarde was released. Mathematically, Lando gets 60 dmg instead of 40 with an energy. For three energy you do 80, but can’t increase it unless you set yourself back too far to catch up again. Zygarde sees play because Zygarde has high hp, can do about 80 dmg for two energy (one strong) and heal itself. Lando is good, but with very little use late game, I don’t think it’s worth it. If you want hoopa, take out one korrina and heavy ball. The energy I figured didn’t need to be that high, both counts work fine.


Hmm thats fair. Whats the general strategy between Lando and Zygarde? When do you want which? Any other additions in terms of pokemon that would be good?

I wanted to ask about some specific card choices. Would Nest Ball at all good or is the hoopa, korrinas and 4 ultras enough? Its number of available targets is no larger than that of Heavy ball but I figured I’d ask.
Also I noticed many decks only run 1 N and my supporter count is quite high with 1 of Pokemon center lady, Colress and AZ. What decks run more than one N? I mostly want to see it late game so even if its prized early I feel Ill run into it when I need it (however I dont understand the meta/balance of this game enough to claim that).

Finally, just tweaking general number counts, whats your opinion on 3 VS seeker, 2 float stone + escape rope and in general the use of switch over those


Yeah, hoopa alone sets up most of your field, with korrina and ultra balls being fine. I think the supporters are fine, maybe takout AZ. I think you want 4 vs seekers, but that’s just my idea. Lando is if you want quick, early pressure, and Zygarde for mid/late game.


Awesome, thanks for all your help man.
I may test 2-2 Lando-Zygarde and 1 Lucario to see if his drawing utility ever helps midlate game.
Ill probably take out AZ for this card when it comes out


One things that may be an improvement now that we are knee deep in the GX era is the use of LycnarockGX midday and midnight and other newer cards. brookett hill is a good one to add even in expanded to pull cards out.