"The True Premonition" An Actually Decent Sheffield Regionals Report


Hey guys! First of all, let me tell you- I normally suck at Regionals. So this one was, like, amazing to me.
The Play: Gallade BKT
Pokemon: 13
4 Ralts BKT
1 Kirlia BKT
1 Kirlia AOR
4 Gallade BKT
2 Oranguru SUM
1 Tauros GX
Trainers: 43
3 Professor Sycamore
3 N
3 Lysandre
3 Lillie
1 Skyla
1 Delinquent
1 Teammates
1 Professor Kukui
4 Vs Seeker
4 Rare Candy
3 Ultra Ball
3 Bursting Balloon
3 Trainers’ Mail
2 Acro Bike
2 Escape Rope
2 Float Stone
1 Nest Ball
1 Super Rod
1 Special Charge
1 Faded Town
Energy: 4
4 Double Colorless

Right then, onto the report!
R1 vs. Alex C. w/Umbreon GX/Zoroark (WW)
This was a pretty easy matchup for me as I could hit his Umbreons for weakness. In game 1 we both dead draw until I finally get a Gallade going, and then steamroll him. Game 2 he plays into Tauros and gets punished for it. A good first round win!

R2 vs. Ben S. w/Yveltal (WW)
Game 1 he goes to power up Fright Night but Gallade KOs it. He then goes for Yveltal EX but it gets KOd. I then snipe Shaymins to take game 1. Game 2 I KO Fright Night, then he tries to KO Tauros with his own Tauros but he diesn’t manage. I Lysandre a Yveltal with an FFB attached and KO it with Mad Bull GX. I then Lysandre Tauros and then KO it with a Gallade. 2-0!
2-0 :slight_smile:

R3 vs. Tim B. w/ Yveltal (WW)
Ya kidding? Tim Bartels? OK, OK. Game 1 he gets an explosive start but he has a Tauros locked active which I KO. I manage, through Lysandres, Escape Ropes and Teammates, to constantly trade with his Yveltal EXs, and win. Fortunately I am able to keep this up in Game 2, despite another strong start from Tim. Fortunately I prevail and are 3-0!
3-0 (Woohoo!)

R4 vs. Callum S. w/ Volcanion (LL)
I had tested against Volcanion a lot, but ironically I lost this one. Callum started strongly in both games and I didn’t get great draws, meaning he could KO my Ralts and Kirlia with Power Heater. I just couldn’t keep up the prize trade, and ended up losing. Oh well, the dream’s not over yet…

R5 vs. Logan M. w/Darkrai/Giratina/Salamence (WLW)
How I won this I am not sure. Game 1 he starts Darkrai, and can’t retreat so I slowly KO him with my Tauros. He Chaos Wheels, I Lysandre and he can’t retreat, I VS Seeker Lysandre and KO with Mad Bull GX before taking another KO to win. Game 2 he locks me out of the game with Chaos Wheel. :frowning: Game 3 he has Escape Rope but needs to KO or he decks, but his last VS Seeker is prized so I can survive a Chaos Wheel with Oranguru.

R6 vs. Ryan J. w/Decidueye (WW)
Before this game I was frantically trying to work out whether I would make cut if i ID’d. In the end I decided to play it out. Fortunately I got a good matchup. Game 1 I get a great start and thrash him. Game 2 he sets up about a million Decidueyes so I scoop (meaning I have enough time to try and win). Game 3 he starts Tauros and I can just about take the game.
5-1, 3rd Seed
WE ARE INTO CUT!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

T8 vs. Jake B. w/Mega Ray (LL)
Oh well, I had bad matchups against everything in cut. In both games he draws well, and I draw not so well. I couldn’t really expect to win as he had Glaceon and a bunch of agro cards. Just good that Jake is a good friend of mine and he got into cut. :frowning: :slight_smile:

Yay my list is gonna get onto Pokemon.Com! Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:


I have some comments about the list I would like to mAke after work. I love gallade and it’s great seeing it again