"The Thrill Of The Hunt" Sniping Deck List

Snipe The Shaymins!
This deck relies solely on your opponent using Shaymin, and a lot of it.Most decks only run two, so the goal is to have it on the bench, snipe it, and bring it back onto the bench to be sniped again.Also it’s an auto win against Gyrados, so that’s nice too.

Hunt The Engine:
3 Joltik STS
3 Galvantula STS
3 Meowth FCO
2 Shaymin ROS
4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
3 Lysandre
1 Olympia
3 Magma’s Secret Base
4 VS Seeker
4 Trainer’s Mail
2 Captivating Poképuff
2 Buddy Buddy Rescue
2 Pokédex
1 Repel
1 Red Card
4 Puzzle Of Time
3 Exp. Share
4 Level Ball
1 Ultra Ball
4 Crushing Hammer
2 Enhanced Hammer
3 Double Colorless Energy
3 Lightning Energy

I know it’s a bad list but I ran out of stuff to out in there. Please tell me what to put in there because I looked over 200 cards and I couldn’t find anything important enough.

As kind of a mini question, do you support Repel, or Pokémon Catcher? Lysandre is rotating in a couple of months, so unless it gets a replacement, we are going to have to rely on those cards.

E:Changed Meowth Set

The sniping meowth is from fates collide, not steam seige.

I prefer pokemon catcher because yu get to choose what they switch. although there is the coin flip. remember catcher used to be a big staple in many decks

What happens if they know what you’re playing and don’t bench Shaymin?

This deck is rogue, so if someone played it at SLC regionals, no one would expect it and if some one fixed up the list and meta gamed maybe it could do well.

Forest doesn’t work for Galvantula, the ruling is that the basic pokemon has to be a grass type not the evolution.

Remember, everyone played pokemon catcher because the original printing didn’t require the coin flip. It was a broken misprint.

Definitely target whistle, maybe a few decidueye’s for feather arrow? Do you have psychic energy in there for a reason, or just as a basic energy?

i still prefer catcher

I would love to direct you here:


Oh well, that sucks, because no one even checks that thread. I guess my days on SixPrizes are over.
To Pokebeach!!!

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You’re leaving 6P? Why? I kinda like your decks you make up.

I kinda feel limited in the ideas I produce, because my decks are “not suitible for the meta”. The forums are dead all the time, maybe one post a week for someone’s season.I am fine with the meta(I have multiple meta decks like Yveltal and Volcanion), but I really don’t like how I can’t post decks that can’t beat the meta consistently.If I’m forced to post my ideas on a dead thread, I may as well not post at all.

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nice point of view i fully agree. but dont leave stay and rebel

Rebel? Sixprizes arguable provides some of the best content out there even if the forums are a little dead. The forums are not the heart of sixprizes. rebelling against the forums is absoltely pointless

… because no one ever posts there


Please explain this. Most people only go to one or less tournaments per week, or they are to back to back tournaments.

Creating new threads for decks that have a pre-existing thread is pointless, and just creates more clutter in the forums. The purpose of people​ telling you to put it in the uncategorized thread is not meant to “undermine” or “oppress” you. Creating new concepts is a valuable part of the game. Also, if you check the thread, you should notice it has more posts than all the “meta” threads, so I wouldn’t call it dead.

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Just for the record, Catcher not having a flip wasn’t a misprint. It was 100% intentional. It may have been silly (hence the errata), but it wasn’t an accident.

actually, I believe the first print of it in Japan had it where you flipped a coin, unlocked the US version released at the same time.

Please tell me where you found your information. When discussed when it came out, everyone knew there was no flip.