The Three Marchketeers - A Top 8 :( Ontario Provincials Report

YAY!!! I made it into the top cut… As 8th seed. Well here comes my (cringe-worthy) story of my day 1.

The Play: Night March!!!
OK OK, yadda yadda yadda everyone will tech against it.

Well, you’re right, but I beat them anyways.

Round 1 VS Alexander P. W/ Mega Manectric EX (0-0-0)

When I flip over a Joltik(?), he smiles and says that “This is my best matchup”.
The first game, he doesn’t even take a single prize. Game two he puts up a little bit of a fight, but I win by three prizes.

Round 2 VS Simon A W/Greninja Break (1-0-0)
I kinda knew what I was getting myself into by playing against Greninja, so I started to expect the worst.
First game, I get a decent set up, but he then gets a surprise double KO on my Night Marchers, benching me for the game.
Second game, he flips up a Remoraid and passes. I get the donk for the game.
Third game, we both get good starts, but I Lysandre each of his Greninja as he played them down. I end up winning the game when he has to KO three Night Marchers on one turn, with two of the Belted to stop me from taking my last prize. Needless to say he didn’t get it and I won. Very close game, and I was happy to see that you also made cut!

Round 3 VS Ashton M. W/ Vespiquen/Vileplume (2-0-0)
Another autoloss! Yay!
First game, he starts lone Oddish, proceeds to set up on his first turn, but fails to find the float stone for his active Vileplume. So he passes and its my go. I play down a few more Night Marchers and Sycamore, putting two Lampents in the discard pile. After two turns of Draw/Pass for both of us, he retreats his Vileplume with two Double Colourless Energies, and takes a KO on my Joltik. I then lysandre his Vileplume to the active position and 3HKO it with Night March. Once it is dead, I proceed to steamroll him. He obviuosly had his AZ prized or something to that effect.
Second Game, he steamrolls me as I have all items in hand. He also played two very clutch Red Cards.
Third Game, I go first and set up, then Hex Maniac him at the end of my turn. He dead draws (because of Hex?), and I Just steamroll him.

Just kidding, no lunch breaks in Canada :frowning:

Round 4 VS Jonathan D. W/ Yveltal (3-0-0)
At this point there were 5 3-0-0’s. 4 were Night March, 1 was Yveltal. I got the lucky good matchup!
First game he got steamrolled by me.
Second game, I was winning, but misplayed and took a Teammates instead of Judge, expecting Teammates -> Puzzle of Time -> VS Seeker in prizes. I forgot (somehow) that I dumped one of my extra Puzzles early game, and ended up decking out.
Third game I start to steamroll him, but time is called.

I now need to win one more game to be guaranteed cut. (YAY!)

Round 5 VS Jared T. W/ Night March (3-0-1)
Standard mirror match with Night March ensues.
I win the first game, even though he went second.
He wins next game due to superior luck
Third game starts, time is called and we both bench a huge amount of Night Marchers to ensure that neither player could win.

Cmon, gimme an easy deck to play against…

Round 6 VS Raymond L. (4-1-0) W/ Seismitoad EX/Giratina EX
Seeing how this is one of my… lets call him an acquaintance. He offers ID and I take it because there was no chance in hell that I could beat his Night March slaying deck.

But wait! Its not over yet!
Fun round VS Raymond L. W/Seismitoad EX/Giratina EX
Game one, I go for the Lysandre for the donk on his Giratina EX, but I whiff the cards I needed and lose quickly after taking out a Seismitoad EX.
Game two, I go for the Lysandre donk and I actually get it! I win by steamrolling through his Seismitoads with my Belted Pumpkaboo which was a 4KHO for him.
Game three, my Lysandre is prized, as was revealed by my town map. GG!

After all of that, there was a raffle in which I didn’t win anything, a little reflection period in which I pondered whether IDing was the right decision, and finally the standings were posted.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d4f344503e92eefdcd4acf54fdec144500bfe98b.JPG" width="375"height=“500”>

Pretty lucky, eh?

Top cut was (as far as I know):
4 Night March
2 Toad Tina
1 Greninja

So now I’m playing a mirror match against Raymond’s older brother, Michael.

More coming tomorrow after the top cut is done!

Against Michael:
Someone was clearly more prepared than me for the swaths of Night March that is the Ontario meta.
He beats me two games in a row (as expected)

And I managed to pull another Golduck BREAK, a FA Espeon, and a Ho Oh. Meh.



Best Night March pun I’ve seen yet.

Sorry about the lunch break. :disappointed:

Good luck in cut!


How did you do in cut?

I got knocked out in the mirror match for which Michael was more prepared.
Still, 50 point is 50 points.

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D’you have your invite yet?

No, most of the time I just play fun decks at tournaments.
I’m at 117 points now.
(40 from Cities, 27 from LCs, 50 from States)

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Your round one and three opponents go ( or used to go) to my league.