The TCG Design Thread


This may be an unpopular opinion but I miss the 2011 format.


Yeah that wasnt a bad format


This very much depends on which format you’re talking about when you say “2011.” There were two.

If MD-CoL, widely recognized as the last format before things got truly insane.

If you mean HS-BLW, well, yes, that’s widely regarded as one of the worst.


I actually liked both. It had a yin and yang feel to it


HS-BLW had like 5 viable decks and they all went in an RPS circle.


Trying to remember, what were they again?

Also, wasn’t MD-CoL pretty much Sabledonk or lose?


No, that was MD-BLW. I don’t even count that as a format.

Reshiram/Typhplosion, Yanmega/Magnezone, Donphan/Yanmega, Magneboar kinda existed (it was hyped enough). Someone will point out one that I’m forgetting but in basic point the format came down to baby flips and Reversal Heads which is never good.


MagneBoar won Worlds that year :wink:
Also, what about ReshiBoar?


Reshiphlosion was so much better as a reshiram Varian and if you wanted to run emboar magneboar was much better.


Well, honestly, Reshiboar with a Magnezone draw line pretty much won Worlds that year. But either way, doesn’t change the fact that it was hyped like crazy pre-Nats, flopped there, and then randomly reappeared at Worlds in small numbers. Wasn’t a huge component of the Worlds format.


I’d bring up the truth, but that was more in the post-worlds than the during worlds, outside of Ross.


Basically, the first sentence. The meta’s gotten much more unpredictable since even NXD-FLF, which to me, as a player who is easily made bored, is a godsend. I can’t imagine only playing 4 decks for a year outside of league decks. Also MMan/Ho-Oh I got from some Pokemon Regionals winner page, though in retrospect it was probably a senior deck, while Vespiquen/Raichu won Danish Nationals (so basically a states?)


See, there are basically only 4-5 “good” decks right now, too.


Dark garb
Toad Tina
Mega Ray jolt

Some of these are better tan others, but there are many more than 4-5 decks, @Darksripe2


You guys are completely missing the point. Every recent format has had it’s fringe/semi-viable decks, along with 4-5 “top” decks. This hasn’t really changed.


These are fringe. Every format has decks with a few results, and these are it.

The format has changed since states.


2102 was:
Darkrai(Mewtwo or terrakion)
Eels (magnezone, Zekrom, mewtwo, terrakion)

Semi viable:
Terrakion/mewtwo(this wouldn’t be viable in any division but juniors)

4 viable decks

2013 was:


4 viable decks



Whoops, an outlier. 6

Toad/bats(sometimes manectric)
Night March

Toadgarb(did awesome at worlds, netting 0 top 8 and 1 t16 finishes, in juniors)
Landybats(trashed in every division but juniors)

See where I’m going? Many of tgese decks you mention (yzg, garchomp, megaman, toadtina, m-scep, m-ray) have seen little success. There are 4-6 (yes, I am changing my stance) viable decks, and many more that are semi-viable and have seen a little bit of success.


All I’m saying: every format has it’s 4-6 “top” decks, and a bunch of somewhat viable “fringe” decks. If you contest this, you are wrong and arguing judt for the sake of arguing and @Chabillionaire’s likes.


His Player ID is from 2007 and half of the decks you said weren’t viable till worlds was because they were affected by cards from ROS. His list was based on the decks good at the end of the year.


Sorry, I’m mostly just used to listening to PTCGRadio, and for ~40 episodes, he keeps reiterating something along the lines of “There are only 4 Decks which are good”, changing the names as various things came in and out of the format, and with this mindset, he Top 8’d the ECC in 2014.

Also, I doubt that Darkrai/Garb{/Giratina} is a fringe deck. It certainly was until now, but so was Blastoise until Worlds. Also, MegaRay/Jolt just won a sort-of tournament piloted @Tamoo in a tournament held by Team Cake. Although it was only Single elim 8-man, it featured a lot of the talent in the UK and @Tamoo had to defeat Ryan Morehouse, Nick Pearce, and Alex Dao just to win the tournament.

Although the numbers may be insignificant, it seemed that in the past, you could just pick two decks to beat, one to 50-50 and one to autolose, and if you picked the right deck to autolose to, you did pretty well (assuming you ran a rogue based on that), which just doesn’t seem possible in this current format (although you could argue that Darkrai/Garb is just a counter deck that did just that, but it seems a little weak, maybe you could fortify it?)