The Sixprizes State Championship! (Sort of)



Username: Vari


Tourney is full. Also, I have been busy today bc of school so I can get my games in tomorrow.


@XtremeFate vs @bkeldeo has an extension for a day.

@ShealynMillay vs @Phoenix15 has an extension for a day

Please try to finish the matches up!

Round 2 (so far)
If you want a head start:

@Ghazernado vs @Darksripe2

Have fun!


Can anybody get onto TCGOne?


I haven’t been able to get on all morning. Same thing happening for you?


I’m at a coffee shop I will be here for 3 hours so if @Phoenix15 is on rn I can finish our match.


I am sorry I did not see this sooner.
I am available now though, if @ShealynMillay still is.


Ready any time @Ghazernado


Any results?


Shoot. Really sorry @ShealynMillay

My computer crashed and burned on me…

My hand was terrible anyway, and you were totally winning.

Results: @ShealynMillay wins!!

He won the 1st game too, and was gonna win the 2nd before my computer failed me… :sweat:


@XtremeFate @bkeldeo

Did you get anything in today?


We had a time worked out, but @bkeldeo suddenly wasn’t able to play then. Haven’t heard from him all day since.


Sorry, HW overtook my entire day, I was up til midnight. If you let us, I can play out the match tonight around 9:00, and the. I can play out my T4 match and T2 match on Thursday, as I have that day off. Otherwise, I can let @XtremeFate have the win.


Noon on Thursday, Central Time?


meaning 10:00 am on a weekday where i will be working/at school.
c’mon man, use your brain.


Sorry m8, my schedule is pretty different.


I have March break this week.


@bkeldeo still can’t find a time, I’m pretty available I’m on break.


Is this dead? Or just taking a long break.


Also want to know if this is dead, @bkeldeo and I never got our match in.