The Sixprizes State Championship! (Sort of)


What platform? I’m sure many people can accomodate


Oh yeah, IGN is thegrovylekid.


I want to join my IGN in chipadat17



One more player needed to start the tournament; plan is to finish by Thursday to allow for travel to States to not get in the way.


M8 I signed up, says up there.


I’m in if there’s space.


Would love to play if someone either drops out or somehting like that.


Can I join?

My TCGone username is Y-Guy3


We are now full, Round 1 is:

@bkeldeo vs @XtremeFate

@Darksripe2 vs @ccloughley

@Phoenix15 vs @ShealynMillay

@Ghazernado vs @Chipadat

Have fun and report the match back here!

See OP for IGN’s

Try to get this done by the end of today so we can finish by Thursday.

@XtremeFate is now in due to people dropping.


oh wait. I though we’d get a week for rounds. Since I’m going on vacation for tuesday, I guess I’m going to drop after all. Sorry, everyone!


@Ghazernado beat me in a surprising series (at least for me it was).


I lost VS @Darksripe2 LWL

Good luck and good game!


No response from @bkeldeo.


If there is no response by midnight, You are the winner by default I guess.

Anything from @Phoenix15 @ShealynMillay ?


I PM’ed @ShealynMillay earlier today.
No response.

He hasn’t been on in a day…


@ccloughley, you honestly can’t expect @bkeldeo and @ShealynMillay to respond in one day. They’re probably botn busy right now.

EDIT: @ShealynMillay’s power has been knocked out till I don’t know when.


There was a storm my power was knocked out but its fixed I’m not at my house rn and they said the internet would be fixed thursday (idek why it takes so long) but I can play rn.


Can @ShealynMillay and I have an extension to tomorrow?

We are playing now, but I can only play 1 right now


Sure, just want to be finished in time for actual states.
@ShealynMillay where is the power knocked out? I hadn’t heard of many major storms.


Oregon west of medford and grants pass, will try to go to a coffee shop or something to play matches. I don’t really see how my power getting knocked out matters to you tho :confused: