The Sixprizes State Championship! (Sort of)


As you can probably guess from the title, I’m hosting an online tournament to practice for states!

Rules -
Standard format (KSS-GEN)
8 player top cut knockout rounds
Best of three
Have fun!


When the bracket is filled, the matches will commence ASAP.
Please do not join if you are busy a lot, it’s not pretty when that happens.

When signing up, (TCGONE name here)

Hope this works out XD


I have a question.
Others will probably have it too.

Could we play on TCGONE so that we can use any cards?

Cause I only have 1 Shaymin on PTCGO, but all my decks (including the one in running for States) run 2.

And I’m missing a bunch of other cards online too.

If this is testing for states, I would like to be able to test with my actual states list, and not have to substitute key cards for others.

EDIT: clearly I am not the only one who thought this… As @ShealynMillay just said the same thing below me


I would join if it was not on ptcgo, I think more people play tcgone.


I really don’t like TCGONE, hence PTCGO.
Sorry if it is vice versa for you guys…

Feel free to make your own though. (I would join)


That depends.
You want to play an online simulator that gives you more card options because you don’t have PTCGO stiff, play TCGone. But a lot of people already have their stuff on PTCGO and prefer the better quality.
Personally, I think more people play PTCGO.


Wel, I don’t want to do that and take away your fun. :slightly_smiling:

If someone wants to trade me a Shaymin on PTCGO I’ll join. :sweat_smile:

States meta with breakpoint legal

I’d join, but my best deck on PTCGO is Serperior BCR, which isn’t even standard legal, so I’ll be either sitting this one out or creating a TCGONE version of this once yours starts. Sorry!



I’ll do TCGONE.

You’ve got me in the corner on this one.


Count me in then. :slight_smile:

My TCGONE name is Phoenix15 like on here.



It is now TCGONE if you want to join


I’m not going to participate, thanks.


Yay! Sign me up! Thank you @ccloughley


Sign me up too! I shouldn’t be busy all week!

EDIT: Tcgone name is Pikaman22


I’ll join sign me up.


Don’t play that deck :wink:



3 spots left, will start soon after they are filled!


I’m down for this.
IGN Darkstripe2


My IGN name for TCGOne is Ghazernado. Let’s go M9.


Darkstripe2 @ccloughley


if only it werent on tcgone