"The Resilient Stand" – On Gardevoir's Guard of the Format, Metagross' Merit, and the Math Behind Memphis Regionals

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Ah, interesting. I had just put my metagross cards on ebay so as to save up for a Celesteela GX.

On that, what do you think of Celesteela? I had assumed it would be a free lunch for Gardevoir given high energy requirements but clearly it was a useful card in London for some. You saw a bit of it in London, would you recommend it to people exploring Sylvally Metals?

I really can’t make up my mind. It’s expensive but seems to add something to the archetype, but ibcan’t decide if that was a bit of a surprise factor or if it’s genuinely good. Thanks!

I don’t think Celesteela is very good, but on the caveat a. I did buy some on the way home from London b. Haven’t tested with them since. If you want to play Silvally, it’s probably good, but I don’t like Silvally much.