"The Purple Queen" – Examining Espeon in Expanded, Fort Wayne Recap, and Looking Beyond


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Thanks for another great article.

Do you think Espeon holds up in standard?


My current impression is that Garbodor is substantially weakened by the loss of VS Seeker. While 4 Items out of any given deck may not seem like a big deal, it’s pretty significant when considering how often you need that critical one or two more Items in the discard to reach a KO. But, I haven’t done much testing at all, so somewhat reserving judgement.


If I may butt in for a second, I would say that Espeon is actually quite a bit weaker in the new standard after losing Flareon AOR to give it the extra type coverage. Golisopod has been growing in popularity and Metagross might be good against any Gardevoir that sees play so that loss of Fire coverage puts it in a tricky spot. Plus, I agree that Garbodor is weakened a bit in the new Standard.

I’m hearing that Drampa and Necrozma are still capable partners for Garbodor, and that Garbodor as an ability locker might be the best focus right now. I guess we’ll see in time.


I really, really enjoyed this article. That said, I have several questions for you:

  1. What was the reasoning for it playing Dimension Valley?

  2. Would you ever try to cut something to include Necrozma?

  3. How often did you attack with Tool Drop?

Thank you!


We did not play Dimension Valley. Perhaps you’re asking why we didn’t, and if so: it really only ever matters with things like Trubbish and Necrozma-GX (and, technically, Espeon I guess?). My brother pitched dropping some combination of DCE/other cards for a few Valley (to enable Tool Drop more easily, 1 energy Energy Drives, etc.—and DCE is only really good with Espeon and Lele in our list), but we preferred to keep our gimmicks at lowest and ensure we were hitting Energy attachments every turn.

2. I think it really depends how the meta develops. It already beats Dark as far as I'm concerned, and I don't think Necrozma is good without Valley. So, if I were to fit Necrozma, we're back to figuring out how to fit Valley, and now we have a new deck.

1/2b. With that said, should the promo Tapu Lele ever manage to make its way into circulation, the Valley/Necrozma package will be pretty incredibly good, I think.

3. I used it once through all the games. But, no Valley, so it’s hard.


Thanks, both.

I guess the hope is that Volc/Turtles/Salazzle really is strong, which makes Golisopod a risky play. From there, people get loose with items again… and Espeon can definitely beat Gardevoir, GX move or not. As was pointed out, its matchups are otherwise quite reasonable.

Alex, interested in your point about Drampa - I wonder why that might still be a play when Espeon isn’t? Drampa seems quite vulnerable to a number of cards, not least Gardevoir.


The reason for Drampa is that it fits in additional tech cards that Espeon doesn’t have room to fit in. It also benefits from Po Town which can drastically reduce the hit point cap needed to kill something like Gardevoir. If it manually evolves 2 times while Po Town is down, its hit points are 170. If it candies to get one up, its hit points are 200 (Po Town still applies when using candy). Add in something like Espeon EX + Koko promo to the mix and you start taking kills without ever having to actually kill a Gardevoir. Add in that a 2-2 Garbodor line + 4 float stones is incredibly difficult to keep removed and the match up is actually a pretty rough one for Gardevoir. I have started playing 3 copies of Field Blower just for Garbodor. It feels excessive, but given how much different the overall flow and draw of standard is than last season, I think the additional blower is warranted for any ability dependent deck. That goes for Metagross, Bulu, and even Greninja should some variant of that deck prove consistent enough to be played.


Thanks. 180 still seems a bit vulnerable but I like your logic, especially with Po Town.


You could run a split of ffb and choice band