"The Purple Crown" – Jumping into an Analysis of Espeon-GX/Garbodor and Gourgeist CRI for European Internationals


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The Gourgeist deck is super fascinating to me. Have you considered any backup or alternate attackers or does the deck not need them? And is the deck just kinda doomed against Xurkitree?


The deck doesn’t need it, nor does it have the space for it. Any backup attacker would detract from the efficacy of the strategy, similar to how Vespiquen needs to be devoted solely to running through its deck for Bee Revenge. Yes, the deck loses to Xurkitree. There’s no way around it.


Oh hey you used my poll from Heyfonte I’m honoured! Lol
I was told there is a match up guide in this article but never imagined it would be for the pumpkin deck rather than the real one :frowning:


Christopher, every matchup for Espeon/Garbodor plays out the same as Drampa/Garbodor. My previous articles on both versions of the deck have matchup sections, with the Vancouver report being the most up-to-date.

The only difference in strategy between Drampa and Espeon is that it’s much easier to gain a lead with Divide GX. Espeon also requires a bit more patience and uses Psybeam often to nullify or poke a threat. 2-2 Espeon makes a difference in Buzzwole, Gardy, and mirror matches specifically.