"The Philadelphia Lookback" – Considering Philly's Top Performers and Looking Ahead to Memphis

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Hey Pablo,
Really enjoyed reading this article and seeing your takeaways from this tournament’s top 8.

As a person considering Zoroark for future tournaments, I was wondering if you feel that magcargo is a good fit in zoroark decks moving forward? Magcargo is really great one it’s on because smooth over before a trade is like a half mallow every turn but the downside is that at minimum a 1-1 line takes two precious deck spots and a very valuable bench space. Just wondering what your personal opinion is on magcargo in zoroark, if it’s something you have tested or considered. Thanks in advance. And thanks for another great article!

Hi Pablo,

I’m sorry you lost your win-and-in, but thanks for the great article. I am a VikaRay player, and went 5-2-2 at Philly. I run Lillie as my ideal T1 supporter, but would you recommend steven instead? I don’t always start with grubbin or nest/ultra ball in hand turn 1, so not a guarantee that Stevens helps (although I always have tempest as a back up). Id love any other advice you have for Ray in the current meta too. Thanks in advance, and good luck with your next event!

I think Magcargo is definitely a good fit! I’m surprised it featured less, but bench space shouldn’t be that big of an issue I think, because usually 1 Zoroark and 1 Magcargo on the bench will be better than 2 Zoroarks due to the targetted searching.

I am a HUGE fan of Steven’s. It’s not a card that you will play every time, and it’s important to recognize when you can do so, aka when you have 1-2 Grubbins down, etc, but in those cases, it’s always better than Lillie.

With Lillie you’re hoping to get Candy Vikavolt cards for next turn. With Steven’s it’s on your opponent to remove the cards you specifically searched for. And if you’re holding the 3 Steven’s cards or a 6-8 card hand after Lillie, you’re likely going to get Judged if the opponent can afford it anyways.

As for other advice, Ray is very linear and straightforward, but I believe the 2 Dhelmise are really good and potentially make the Shrine matchups close to 50/50.

Thank you very much for the help!