The new Skyla, Korrina?

Is Korrina a viable replacement for Skyla, or is Skyla just too good for being able to pick up Supporters and Stadiums?

Currently, it depends on your deck. If you’re playing with a Fighting/ Donphan deck, then Korina is miles better from Skyla, but in any other deck, it’s undoubtedly Skyla.

For the future, when Skyla is rotated, I find it hard to believe that Korina won’t replace Skyla.

After the rotation I think you mean then maybe for evolution decks which need specific items to set up - e.g. Spirit links and rare candies.

Also I’m sensing a pattern with these new threads.If we get another one like “Is Bidoof PRC the new Swablu LTR?” style. I suggest we make a thread of “The new X, Y?”.


As it stands right now, there is no reason to not play Skyla over Korrina in a deck with no Fighting Pokemon.