"The Magnificent Mail" – Friday Flyer #5: The Inaugural Mailbag Edition

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Neat, both of my questions got answered. Minneapolis Regionals sounds like a good time, it’s a city I’d love to visit and explore. I definitely follow as to why Shrine won’t thrive in Expanded as well… at least, not how the Standard hivemind is currently utilizing it.

My season’s going to finally get underway at Portland and I’m immensely looking forward to getting to play, so I have a follow-up question to that Expanded deck overview: what is it specifically about Zoroark that’s not impressing you at the moment? I realize PTCGO is hardly a good barometer most of the time, but from what I’ve gotten to play of it online (75ish games so far), it seems like it’s as strong as ever and still has answers to most of the format if built correctly, even though it’s having to heavily adapt to the loss of Hex Maniac and Puzzle of Time from the lists we saw last season.

Intuitively, I’m concerned that Sudowoodo is essentially unanswerable. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it played (and played to some success, even) in Portland, but there are a lot of holes in the armor now that I think will be exploited by the end of the weekend. I’d be pretty surprised if it won in the end.

Places that would make good regional spots are normally good hubs for airlines. Salt lake, Denver, Phoenix , Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas. Las Vegas would be the cheapest place to hold one hands down. DFW has two hubs, American and Southwest, which is nice.

SLC is actually very expensive, as is Chicago. Else, yes, I agree.