"The Last Draw" – A History of 'Deck Out' Strategies, Durant Again, and the Bunny Zone

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Really interesting article, I enjoyed reading that! I recently experimented with Bunnelby myself, but ran it with additional support pokemon such as Yveltal EX and Pangoro FFI, meaning I had a deck which could potentially win via any one of the 3 win conditions. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite consistent enough, only managing a 54% win rate on TCGO, so I’ve pretty much abandoned it, and having read your excellent article, I know that if I want to go down the disruption/mill route I need something consistent like Bunnelby/Slurpuff! Hope to see more great articles from you soon :slight_smile:

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Congrats on your new son, Erik!


What are your thoughts on Durant Klinklang and Bunnelby with Aquas Secret Base instead of Silent Lab?

What is/are your reasons for omitting Trick Shovel in your lists? Does it feel to gimmicky to you or do you think it’s just better to use the space for other disruptive items?

I find way more use for Trick Shovel in decks with Bunnelby since you can
pull those cards back into your deck. In the end though, I’m not a fan of
the card. I’d rather use cards that allow for a disruptive “lock,” such as
stripping away your opponent’s Energy cards via things like Team Flare
Grunt and Crushing Hammer. Those seem to do more in the long run than a
single discard from Trick Shovel. If those other disruption cards do their
job, I may be able to use both of Bunnelby’s attacks to discard cards –
which kinda replaces Trick Shovel in a way if that makes sense.

It does actually and makes sense. The possibility of milling something your opponent may need is somewhat low depending on how many cards they have left. With Crushing Hammer, though it is a flip, has a much higher possibility of discarding a vital reseource.
I also noticed you don’t play stadiums. I think a counter stadium like silent lab could go a long way in a few match ups. For example, Blastoise can juat use Keldeo EX when you pull something to the active. Silent lab could allow you to prevent your opponent from just using Rush In to easily get out of the active. You mentioned also that Bunnelby has difficulty dealing with fast decks so a silent lab could slow them down by shutting off their Shaymin.

Congratulations on your new son Erik!