"The Insouciance of Spice" – My Dallas Experience w/ Zoro/Garb, Final Notes on Expanded, and Team Up and Standard


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Good afternoon! Appreciate the article and the data along with it. For there to be so few Buzzwole it seems like I encountered a lot lol. I’m from a couple hours south of Dallas, in Waco to be precise. I attended this regional and it was my first sanctioned tournament of any kind. I had a lot of fun but did not do very well. I played Darkrai and had expected to meet up against several Zoroark. My strategy was to play 4 Enhanced Hammers and Parallel City to combat their Sky Field and try to prevent those big hits.

However, as luck would have it, I got paired against only 2 Zoroark, 1 Shocklock, and 6 fighting decks. Of the 6, 4 were specifically Buzzwole. So I think the pairings were just odd for some people. I believe you made a good choice as to what deck and techs to play. You just had some bad luck too by not seeing any of the Toad and Archie decks. I also did not see either of those which surprised me. Of the fighting decks I encountered I saw 4 Buzzwole, 1 Lucario, and 1 Marshadow themed deck. So I made a really bad decision when guessing what everyone else was going to play.

I think your analysis of the new Tag Team cards is right on the mark. I’m just disapointed the Pikachu/Zekrom card has a fighting weakness. That just ruins it for me. It seems like anything with potential they give a fighting weakness which just reinforces everyone to play more Zoroark.

I love the fact that Pokemon communication will be in the new set. This is a great consistency card. Have I mentioned how much I dislike Timer Ball?

Anyway, guess I kind of rambled there. Appreciate the article and good luck at your next event.