"The Good, the Bad, and the WillGen" – An Investigation on Preconceived Notions

Life is like a box of chocolates bag of Poké Balls… Hi all! I’m very excited to be back writing another article. I had a great time writing my first piece here and look forward to producing many more. I’ve been engaged in competitive Pokémon for almost five years now and it definitely occupies a very unique spot in my heart. Even when I try not to think about it, I can’t help but to be brainstorming deck ideas or wondering if certain cards out of the upcoming set will be any good. I wonder if this will ever stop. Is it even more ingrained into veterans like Jay and Jason? I…

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Great article Brit! One thing that caught my attention:

I believe with reasonable certainty that had “The Truth” been posted on the PokéGym or HeyTrainer before Worlds 2011 that it would have been laughed at and insulted.

How much of a factor do you think is the player who comes up with the deck? I want to believe that if Ross himself has posted the deck prior to Worlds (as opposed to someone like @willcompere), it would have been lauded, but I’m not all that sure!

Player name contributes a lot to how a deck list is perceived. Many years ago, someone jokingly posted on PokeGym a deck idea and claimed it was run by Tsuguyoshi Yamato and had just won a large Japanese tournament. The deck’s strategy made sense, but the whole thing was a complete lie. A couple of reputable players quickly praised the deck for its ingenuity, talking about how smart the deck was. Very few people criticized the deck, and it wasn’t until someone exposed the lie that players stopped praising it. I’ll try to find the conversation on PokeGym…

Was that the Claydol ex charade?

Thanks alot Brit for making a UG article about my deck :). Also I do feel that WillGen would be a decent choice for US Nats actually

I agree with Erik. Name definitely has a lot to do with it and these “named” or famous players do a lot in creating your notion of “good” which may not necessarily be “good”. In the case of the Truth, I think even Ross would have be assaulted for posting something so unorthodox. It was just that far out of the box that I think it would be beyond the comprehension of most players – myself included. I remember talking to Josh Wittenkeller in between rounds at that Worlds and honestly didn’t know what several of the Pokemon in Ross’s deck did and thus it would have been impossible for me to conceptually understand.

I’m not entirely familiar with this scenario as I began playing when Pokegym started to decline (I am aware of the Claydol EX sham, but like Adam am unsure if that’s what you’re referring to" but Yamato is definitely an interesting figure in regards to “good”, “bad” and “different”. He always plays wacky things in his list and the consensus is generally negative. I remember his 1-1-1 Gardevoir was seen largely as a joke, but his results should have be indicative of something beyond that. I think I remember reading about him playing 0 Wartortle in his LBS in 2006 when trainer lock was a big concern, so like Ross, he may also be an exemplar of someone who regularly goes beyond our paltry norms.

The example I gave was actually of some wacky “VHS” that featured Vileplume HP, Houndoom UF, and Sableye DX. The idea actually makes sense, but it could never be competitive. It wasn’t as well known as the Claydol ex thing, but it definitely stuck out in my mind because a handful of “good” players instantly started talking about how great an idea the deck was.

These days I see people’s ideas trashed completely when I absolutely know that those ideas aren’t even tested. It’s very interesting to watch, since it shows how people use snap judgements without considering other options.

I also wonder what would have happened if Fulop hadn’t scooped to Ross in the last round, leaving the deck with a mediocre finish and no top cut.

That’s quite a wrinkle in the story that doesn’t get mentioned too often. My guess is the deck remains in obscurity unless Ross or his teammates do well with it the following season.