"The Forest for the Trees" – Christopher's Look Back at Portland, ft. Trevenant BREAK Report & First Thoughts on Lost Thunder


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Hello, I just want to comment on the quality of this article and others I have read from this site lately. Ever since Alex Hill stepped down from this site, it seems the articles have been cut in half in terms of word count. This article comes across as lazy to me (It all starts with the title repeat from the Decidueye/Zoroark article a month ago). Your analysis of Lost Thunder is extremely sparse; after reading the portion, I don’t feel I’ve learned anything I didn’t already know. For how much I am paying a month, a tournament report with a list that’s already publicly available and some jumble of hypotheses about a new set seems hardly worth it. It comes across as deceptive. Unfortunately I did fall for this site’s persuasive advertisement for becoming an Underground member and I bought the full year, but I highly doubt I will be renewing my subscription in the future unless I see a noticeable improvement. Best of luck.



Thanks for the feedback! First and foremost, let’s talk your word count issue. I actually do keep track of these things, and there is no change in word count in the standard articles—since April of 2017, the writers’ targets have been ~2.5k. Word counts are visible on the front page for each article. You may be referring to the Friday series I did from September-late October—and as maybe you will recall reading in my article before we started these, those were shorter by design to allow them to be monthly. Essentially, I took one longer article and split into 4x monthly segments for each of these two months. It actually worked out to be more writing in the end, but since my sense was that people did not much care for them—as I just said in this article—we are moving on from that experiment. But, aside from that—which increased the site’s overall word count—there has been no change (and, since you seem to correlate this with Alex’s departure, I’ll note that Alex had been largely uninvolved with the writing side for many months prior to his formal departure, so there have been no material changes on our end with that).

I don’t much get the sense I’m going to be able to make you happy at this stage if you’re griping with a title, but I’m sorry to hear your concerns with regard to this article. It’s a hard time of year: coming off a big tournament, 99.9% of players aren’t going to pivot to brilliant ideas in a different format with a new set. It’d be disingenuous of me to throw a bunch of lists for Lost Thunder out there at this stage in the game.

There have been articles that concerned me recently, too, and we’re working to address those matters. Thanks for your commentary on this one.