"The Expanded Frontiers" – Christopher and Xander's Chicago Cup Reports, Recaps, and Recommendations


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For Primal Groudon, do you think the new Lusamine is worth a spot, or that there are enough stadium outs?


I think you have sufficient Stadium access regardless and am not sure where the spot would come from.


If you can not find the tropical beaches what is the next best thing for replacement? I do own 1, getting three more is so much.


The best bet at that point, unfortunately, is probably to find a different deck. Nothing else substitutes the effect very well.


How does Wailord beat the Bunnelby counter?


10% of the time, very easily.


Is there a way to play wailord without tropical beaches? Maybe battle city or rough seas?


There is not a way to play Wailord without Tropical Beach. The deck needs the consistent draw engine while playing disruption/healing Supporters. I think Wailord can win some matchups without needing Tropical Beach, but it is 100% necessary for the deck to function, like Primal Groudon.