"The Definite Duo" – Recapping a Collection of Tournaments with Zoroark-GX/Garbodor in Expanded

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30 trainers listed. Add a Counter Catcher or Level Ball?

You’re completely right—I somehow forgot to write 1 Field Blower while typing up the list. Field Blower is 100% essential in dealing with Focus Sash and counter Stadiums, so unfortunately it can’t be cut.

Can you explain the tactical concede? When is that used?

Sarcastically, the tactical concede is a nice way to ruin the streak of first seeds going into cut. Truthfully, I was trying to dodge the sea of lower bracket Buzzwole decks by instead placing myself near the top of the 3-1-1s and hitting a mid bracket 3-1-1, likely to be a different deck. Tracing online pairings revealed I was less likely to hit a bad matchup with a scoop than a tie.