The BLW-on Metagame

Playing against Sableye is nothing like playing against Wailord. If you attempt to take the same route, without revealing any of my techs, you’ll walk away with a heartbreaking loss

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I’d disagree. Both decks are attempting to achieve the same win condition primarily: deck out. The playstyle is obviously different in ways, but it is those types of decks that a smart player can have a good chance of beating if they recognize how to manipulate time in their favor. Now, granted, Sableye has Hypnotoxic laser, but ultimately, it is a mill deck. It is rare that I have taken all six prizes, playing Sableye.

Ummm… no. Sableye is much different than Wailord, Wailord just sits around being a wall, and you can just sit around doing nothing and possibly win by decking the wailord player out, but if you try to do that with sableye they will just mill you to death. I have a lot of resentment towards that deck as it knocked me out of cut at 2 of the 5 cities I made it to, so I have extensively tried to figure out how to beat it without luck. Sableye is definitely different than wailord.

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…a mill deck that works extremely differently. If you only play down one Pokémon and load up a single Pokémon, confuse Ray and laser will hurt you. I feel like I would know how Sableye plays, considering I have a lot of experience with the deck, to the point where I’d even argue that I have the most experience playing it of anyone on the 6p forums.

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Just yesterday I won out at a LC with Sableye Garbodor, besides the match where I managed to hit 5 Tails on crushing hammer in a row.

Still got me 12 points, but is definitely not infallable.

Fun fact: Sableye/Hammers/Garb with a deckout win-con has been a thing longer than you’ve been playing the game, @Dweinhardt.


I’m aware, Dustin Zimmerman told me all about how he created it in Fort Wayne when we were watching Nick get railed :stuck_out_tongue: The deck is pretty different now though, considering they didn’t even have life dew back then!

It predates Dustin’s Worlds run too. Autumn Regionals of 2012.

First on the Internet with it:

It didn’t see much play, but Colin/Andrew Wamboldt played it to decent success in Masters @ Fort Wayne, and I was 1st seed in Seniors with it back when we actually could do T16s. Those were the days.


Is it worth including 1 tech card against sableye in an already even matchup or would it be better to get consistency

Depends on the deck. With toad, just accept the autoloss, but depending on the deck/tech, it could be worth it.

Say adding 1 mega turbo to mega manectric garb? Getting that against sableye secures setting up and it doesn’t hurt other matchups besides having to cut 4 float stones to 3.

That’s a 2 or nothing card. I don’t know why you’d ever play Manectric in this meta, but if you play it, you need tool retrievals, assault vests, and mega turbos.

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Figured manectric garbodor wob does well against 3-4 big contenders (dark, toad, and blastoise, and loses to vespiqueen flareon) does well against vileplume sableye and night March while loosing to fighting.

Loses to Yveltal because it legitimately can’t trade with Gallade, Sableye beats it unless it’s heavily teched to beat it, night March has an even better matchup to it than bees, toad beats it because of Giratina (unless you’re talking about Toad/Bats, which gets hell from M Manectric), and unless you start Wobb, Blastoise destroys Manectric.

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Tool drop trubbish beats night March, and can deal with gallade.giratinas ability is shut off from garb.

That’s definitely not true, literally night March just doesn’t put down Valley and you lose. You won’t get garb up because Giratina keeps you from playing tools and has scrapper and Xerosic for any turn one tools you may get

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True , preventing tools from coming down could pose major issues

My meta from cities(We had all expanded cities)
Tier 1
Manectric variants
Sableye Garb
Night March
Tier 2
Toad variants
Mega Mewtwo variants
Tier 3
.decs(This is seniors)
Tier not even played
These decks aren’t viable in my meta because they are countered by 1 card, and too many people play these cards.

Think ya need to re-do your tier list buddy…

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In oregon everyone runs ghetsis and hex, and Sableye garb is huge which is why Blastoise is so low. Toad tina isn’t played because it struggles against anything that goes first ith flare tools and loses to jirachi. Night march just ins’t a thing.