The BLW-on Metagame

I’ve been thinking about regionals lately, and trying to think of what the expanded meta will be. I agree with the road once taken as blastoise, yveltal, seismetoad variants, and vespiquen/flareon will be the mass of the meta, but I also think sablgarbs will be poplar too, just not as much. So this is my list. in comments post what I missed:

  Most popular:

Seismetoad variants
Mega Manectric
Night march
Mega rayquaza
Mega sceptile
Mega Mewtwo

The meta (I’m assuming this is seniors) will most likely be
New Darkrai
Night march
People wont play Archie’s cause it loses to anything with a hex or ghetsis, Seismitoad could be a thing but I think people will chose other decks first, megas aren’t consistent, why play Raichu when you could play bees, and IDK about Tyrantrum, I can’t get it to work but if other people do then thats great and it could be a thing.

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This is very inaccurate. Archie’s will always be a thing, especially in a non-linear meta like seniors. If you’re trying to prepare for regionals, especially one in the Midwest (Idk where OP is from)

and Toad Tina are the decks to prepare for.

Keep Sableye in mind, but don’t worry a ton about it, as I was one of just two Sableye players in Fort Wayne.


And both players made cut.

Still, the likelihood of you playing the deck in Swiss is pretty low. Worry about what you’ll play in cut once you actually get to cut.


Time puzzle got released, so I think Sableye garb will be a thing. The power to put two of any cards into your hand from an attack is insane.

Most played decks in seniors in tier form.
Top tier (this is all seniors)
Tier A
Bees, Archies
Tier B
Yveltal, sableye
Tier C
Pretty much everything else.
(This is our meta, at least, but these are the decks that anyone should prepare for.)

I think TDK is still good :+1:. It uses the laser engine and is extremely fast to set up a T1 Kyurem. It struggles against pyroar and aegislash but i think it’s still viable to play in expanded.

But you thinking it’s good doesn’t make it high-tiered. The deck gets railed by any sort of item lock and/or Giratina-EX.

Also @ShealynMillay I didn’t realize you have a week 3 regionals. If Sableye hasn’t been banned by the time your regionals roll around, just play it with lasers and time puzzle and you’ll do well.


Well by all means, any deck that gets railed by item lock, or giratina for that matter, is going to have some struggle, but you just have to play around it. Anyways, sableye/garb/bunnelby is a deck I see being played a lot in expanded. Its very trolly with trick shovels and energy denial.

Trick shovel isn’t a thing anymore. Sableye players are playing more useful cards. Anyways, just “playing around” the most popular deck in seniors isn’t really an option.


So, is everyone still thinking that Sableye will get banned too?

Definitely, whenever I’m testing a deck I start making a list of good matchups and bad matchups, and sableyegarb is always a bad matchup. It’s an overpowered deck the loses only to dead drawing.

Or time being called

A smart Sableye player won’t lose to time, they use it to their advantage. I went to time once and won on turn 0 in Fort Wayne

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How @Dweinhardt? How did you win? I would just love to know. :neutral_face:

While I tend to feel that time is overstated as a weakness of Sableye, I would like to point out that you’re statically less likely to tie in Seniors. You’re dealing with a naturally impatient age-range, and TPCi has previously released statistics saying as much.


Definitely. And @bkeldeo I’ll tell you exactly what I tell every new Sableye player who asks me for help. You aren’t playing the person sitting across from you, you’re playing the clock. They’re simply there to slow you down. Knowing exactly when to transition into bunnelby is probably the most important thing to make sure the clock is your friend.

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I think a fundamental issue is that most people don’t know how to play against Sableye; both players did to keep time in mind. We all remember how Klaczynski beat Wailord in the finals of US Nationals last year. In many ways, the opposing player is in no rush because the entire tornament system of Pokemon is not very friendly to mill decks IMO.

Wailord isn’t a mill, it’s more of a wall. it is similar to sableye in the fact your not playing against your opponent. In Wailord you don’t necessarily care what your opponent is doing.